2 March 2022

PIZZA TIME & PEPPER GRILL franchisees deploy AURES’ KOMET ordering and payment Kiosk Solutions.

Strategically located in the heart of Beauvais city centre (70 kms north from Paris in France), near the train station, cinemas and shops, the PIZZA TIME & PEPPER GRILL restaurants on rue Correus attract a large and loyal clientele every day. The kitchens, which are open and exposed to the eyes of the customers, are a guarantee of freshness and quality.

Mr. Ozen FERHAT, the restaurant owner and manager, presents his “two-in-one” food service concept and explains why he chose to install AURES Technologies’ ordering and payment kiosks.

  • Mr. FERHAT, what is the specificity of your point of sale (restaurant) in Beauvais?

The principle of our commercial space is based on a “two-in-one” concept of catering and takeaway food service business; in fact, we decided to bring together two franchises in the same place, which allows us to offer our customers and regulars much more choice every day, while retaining our own methods and very specific know-how.

These two franchises are perfectly complementary and attract a large number of consumers, offering Beauvaisians the possibility of enjoying a good pizza or burger in the same place at the same time, if they wish.

  • When and why did you decide to install ordering and payment kiosks?

Before the opening, which took place on the 4th of October 2021, we already knew that we wanted to install this type of Kiosk solutions.

Indeed, all restaurant owners and managers now understand that these new interactive kiosks make queues more fluid and relieve the pressure on traditional checkouts, particularly at peak times, such as lunchtime for us. They also make it possible to showcase our offer, to unfold and present all of our many dishes and menus at the click of a button, which is very attractive to the consumer.

In addition, these kiosks increase our additional sales and the average customers’ bills, many of whom are tempted by an additional dessert, drink or dish – which they have just seen or discovered on the screen – and which they would certainly not have had time to think about if they had been queuing at a “classic” checkout.

Furthermore, given the hundreds of items and references (dishes, recipes, snacks, menus and drinks) on the menu of our two franchises, the 3 KOMET kiosks deployed in front of the entrance to our establishment help us considerably to reduce errors related to order taking and associated payments.

  • What are the benefits for your employees with these kiosks?

By freeing up queues and traditional checkout areas, the 3 AURES kiosks, which handle more than 200 customers and orders a day, mean that our staff are less stressed; they can devote more time to consumers and the quality of the services offered; freed from some of the sometimes thankless and repetitive tasks associated with taking orders and collecting the associated cash, they have more time to devote to consumer reception and satisfaction in the broadest sense.

  • And for you, the manager?

I manage my rushes – which are sometimes unexpected and at any time – much more easily and efficiently, without stress! And I no longer have to worry about whether my cashiers and hostesses have thought about or had time ….to offer additional sales to customers!

  • And what do your customers have to say about these kiosks?

Of course, our customers’ opinions are very important! With the KOMET kiosks and their touch screens, they can discover the richness of our menus in complete peace of mind – and like us, without stress.

Because we offer so much choice, they can spend time examining and choosing what they are going to see and taste without fear of disturbing the staff or other customers by wasting their time through curiosity or indecision. They are more relaxed!

The interactive menus, the quality and responsiveness of the touch screen panels, as well as the simplicity of the navigation and the multiple choices, which are super intuitive, appeal to our customers.  There is even a fun and entertaining side to consuming differently, from a large touch screen that comes to life.

  • Finally, why did you choose the KOMET kiosks from AURES Technologies?

The design and ergonomics of AURES kiosk equipment and solutions are renowned and very well suited to our needs; the features that allow customers to discover the menus, while generating additional sales, are considerable advantages.

Our catering area, which is almost 300 m2, has been completely redesigned and refurbished; the smallest details count; for me, beyond the ergonomics and ease of use, the conception, design and even the look of these ordering and payment kiosks must be impeccable, modern and attractive.

The AURES kiosks are located at the entrance of the restaurant, in front of our building, and are clearly visible from the outside. They contribute to the good image of our establishment; these interactive kiosks represent an investment that acts as an indicator of modernity and quality; it attracts the consumer from the outside and invites him to discover the PIZZA TIME and PEPPER GRILL brands and the diversity of our offers.

  • Do you have other AURES equipment deployed in your establishment?

Yes; some YUNO point-of-sale terminals and their associated ODP printers, in black; not forgetting the 6 kitchen display screens (KDS), which allow us to organise and optimise the management of the dishes and menus to be prepared and the consumers to be served.

PIZZA TIME & PEPPER GRILL franchisees deploy AURES’ KOMET ordering
and payment Kiosk Solutions.