Exclusive and innovating POS and KIOSK Hardware and Equipment


Exclusively designed and developed by AURES, the equipment and systems manufactured by the Group are the result of more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the POS and KIOSK IT sectors.

The AURES concepts were born from an observation: the design, colors and ergonomics of the POS and KIOSK hardware solutions, which were neglected for too long, are key elements of the sales and marketing environment.

Functionalities and technologies – even the most advanced – are no longer enough; retailers want to be able to choose shapes, lines and sometimes customised equipment to best support their brand identity and the customer journey.


AURES’ strategy is to design and manufacture POS & KIOSK hardware that is remarkably different but which meets real markets’, customers’ and end-users’ requirements.

Since 2005, AURES’ creativity has been acknowledged by a number of international Design Awards bodies, including IF Product Design Awards, Red Dots, Observeur du Design and Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Design Museum in the USA.

The jury of these international Awards, including experts and personalities from the world of design, praised the new shapes, lightness, ergonomics and robustness of the selected AURES products.


With the launch of Odyssé in 2005, the AURES Group established itself as the first POS manufacturer to provide a full palette of colours for its POS terminals, in order to match the store décor and the brand identity of its clients.


An optimized combination of contemporary designs with the latest successful technologies is at the heart of AURES’ DNA and strategy. All the hardware in the Group’s POS, mobile POS and KIOSK ranges incorporate motherboards with powerful latest-generation fanless processors, HD and multi-touch flat and edge-less screens and SSDs (solid state drives) as standard.
With the integration of USB-C technology, a single cable is now sufficient for the simultaneous transmission of all signals that are necessary for the operation of the equipment (power, USB data and video); this also simplifies maintenance while providing a major aesthetic improvement.
The latest 1 and 2D barcode scanners – as well as NFC and Bluetooth – are integrated into the POS systems – for improved ergonomics.

Green IT and Eco-Responsibility

Designer and Manufacturer of POS, mobile POS and KIOSK hardware, the AURES Group uses noble and fully recyclable materials (aluminium and polycarbonate among others) for all its product ranges.

It assumes its environmental and societal responsibilities and ensures that the entire life cycle of its products is in line with all the regulations in force (production process, choice of subcontractors and industrial partners, respect for the workforce, waste management, recycling policies, etc).

AURES uses specialist service providers for the management and recycling of its electrical and electronic waste equipment and is committed to its customers to take back products at the end of their life cycle in order to recycle them.

In addition, by integrating the latest generation of high-performance, upgradeable and durable sub-systems and components into its hardware, AURES enables its customers and users to control their TCO (“total cost of ownership”) while strengthening its eco-responsible positioning.