7 April 2022

Opened in 1993 in Quincampoix (Normandy), then in Rouen in February 2022, the two “Maison VATELIER” establishments are true institutions in the region in the field of French creative artisanal  “pâtisserie” and traditional quality bakery-pastry.

Created by Chef Pâtissier Benoit VATELIER and his wife Marie-Pierre, the Company is famous for its brioche (1997 French champion) and its inimitable caramel and salted butter tart. The breads’ quality is also exceptional, as shown by the 3rd place obtained by Maison VATELIER in “the best bakery in France” TV programme on M6 Channel.

Both Maison VATELIER retail outlets are now equipped with JAZZ and JAZZPOLE (JAZZ on a pole) point-of-sale terminals from AURES, which are operational thanks to the ALIRIS POSmanagement software platform developed by CRISALID.

Paul VATELIER, son of the famous Pastry Chef, manager of the brand and of the new 90 m2 store ideally located in Rue des Carmes in Rouen (in place of the old and illustrious “Pâtisserie des Carmes”), explains the reasons for his choice of point of sale IT solution.

Mr. VATELIER, why did you choose CRISALID’s ALIRIS solution for your business?

ALIRIS is a specialised, modular and flexible POS management and checkout platform that is specifically adapted to the needs of bakery and pastry professionals; it is a proven software solution that integrates all the essential functions of our business; its interface is very ergonomic and visually elegant, customisable and totally user-friendly.

ALIRIS enables the identification of staff, the management of our product packaging (baguette, half-baguette, cakes and pastries for 2, 4, 8 or 12 people, etc.), the entry of customer orders (with a schedule for their collection), the management of deliveries, the entry of what we call “shop events” (unsold goods, shortages, inventories, orders for raw materials and ingredients, etc.); the reading of barcodes for restaurant vouchers with credit management is also carried out by the CRISALID software, as well as the processing of loyalty programmes and the monitoring of customer accounts. The platform also allows us to produce customised labels in a variety of formats, with price information – and, if necessary, allergens, nutritional values, etc.

In addition to order management and collection together with POS checkout & payment functions, ALIRIS also provides us with all the analysis tools necessary for the smooth running of our shops (financial statements, statistical analyses, comparisons, etc.).

Additionally, we have also installed the WEBSTERI module from CRISALID, which allows us to generate production orders in our workshops and to centralise all customer orders from our various sales outlets.

And why choose AURES point-of-sale terminals?

“In addition to the constant quest for quality, excellence and creativity in the pastries and breads we produce and sell, we are also much concerned about brand image and point of sale environment.

Indeed, the VATELIER “touch” also means a certain presentation, style, an identity and an atmosphere of our own; we always look at what is being done elsewhere, not only in the world of “patisserie”, but also in fashion or decoration; we try to understand and be inspired by the latest trends, to innovate in all things, but always keeping the codes, values and DNA of our “Maison”.

Consequently, the style, design, ergonomics and modernity of AURES’ JAZZ and JAZZPOLE point-of-sale terminals immediately appealed to us; the choice of these POS terminals was an obvious one for our brand.

Presented in their pole-mounted version in the Rouen shop – in a cream white colour – the JAZZPOLE POS management systems really free up space on our sales counters; they are very light and visually elegant, perfectly in harmony with our brand image and identity. Reliable and efficient, they are easy and quick for our staff to use, which is a big plus. The ultra-flat and edgeless touchscreens are extremely responsive, which is also an advantage.

In addition to the JAZZ and JAZZPOLE point-of-sale terminals, Maison VATELIER has also deployed the TMC 7200, an AURES mobile management solution that helps to reduce queues in shop when necessary.

The associated peripherals installed at Maison VATELIER (ticket printers and cash drawers) were also supplied by AURES Technologies.

JAZZ point of sale terminals at Maison VATELIER in Rouen & Quincampoix (French Normandy)