HaaS – Hardware as a Service

Due to the current economic climate, many businesses are concerned about cash flow, and therefore keeping hold of company cash is crucial.

When it comes to buying your businesses technology hardware the problem is cheap and cheerful might seem like a good idea at the time but in the long run, the ongoing costs for failures and repairs soon add up. So, it’s always good to know that there are options out there to buy higher quality products at an affordable rate when you need them.

Which is why AURES UK has introduced a model called HaaS – Hardware As A Service. HaaS provides you with the supply, delivery, install, maintenance and uplift of your technology hardware over a 3- or 5-year period. It offers the peace of mind and gives access to the best quality products at an affordable monthly cost through a simple agreement. It also ensures a fixed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the lifetime of the terminals, which generally makes things easier than ever before. Hardware that not only looks the part but will also stand the test of time is now at your fingertips with no hassle!

Technology hardware, whether that be a single standalone EPOS system, a suite of self-service kiosks or all your individual peripherals are now available with 3- and 5-year simple agreement.

So how does it work?

1- Customer discusses HaaS options for Hardware and Support from AURES.
2- CUSTOMER agrees monthly or quarterly payment terms with FINANCE Co.
3- HaaS agreement finalised and signed from both the Customer and AURES.
4- AURES deliver and install all hardware to the CUSTOMER.
5- AURES maintains the hardware for the 3/5 year term.
6- Term ends. Refresh the hardware and start new agreement.

Financing technology hardware in this way is a quick and easy way for businesses to keep hold of capital, without any operational holdups! As part of this model you can also use the extensive consulting services available from AURES. As a trusted partner to hundreds of customers in the UK we have built up a huge knowledge base and years of experience which is available to you. Whether it be scoping your requirements for a large rollout, solving a specific operational issue, innovation hub facilitation or business change management, AURES can field the right people to guide you through these challenges if required. All our other usual services still apply. The usual Asset Tracking, Staging, Real Time POS Monitoring, Decommissioning and Customised Onsite Support and Warranty apply to all our HaaS agreements.

If you would like any further information about HaaS or you have a product specific enquiry please contact one of our sales team today.
Phone: 01928 599 966

AURES value added SERVICES

The AURES Group designs, manufactures and markets innovative, reliable, high-performance POS and KIOSK equipment and systems. To enable customers and partners to use our hardware with complete peace of mind, we have devised a range of related services, service packs and international guarantees.

We understand the complexities of installing and supporting POS/KIOSK roll-outs of any size, and have developed a portfolio of services that can help you configure your new equipment, streamline its installation and support it throughout its life cycle and across international borders.

Our aim is to provide both well-rounded services to complement our products and valuable pre- and post- purchase assistance. A range of made-to-measure and turnkey servicing solutions are available, providing fast reaction times, local assistance and flexible service options. In the UK, they include:


When the daunting task of replacing old POS hardware or finding the right solution for a new installation is beyond your expertise, the AURES team can guide you to the optimum choice of equipment and peripherals. Our specialists and engineers can provide on-site consultancy, expert advice, general assistance and training.


Our services include the preparation of machines, pre-loading of the necessary OS and software, system mastering, development of special images and tailored configurations.


When upgrading your POS infrastructure, AURES engineers can manage the removal and disposal of your old hardware (including HDD or SSD data deletion) in line with international environmental norms.


AURES can assist you to track your POS assets. An identifying asset tag will be applied to the unit(s) and serial numbers electronically tracked through the BIOS. Hardware information (customer details, location, warranty status…) is recorded and stored, with quick and easy data access provided.


Our comprehensive system monitoring solution provides users with real-time operational status across complete POS systems and application, spanning complete hardware estates and multiple locations. Programmed alerts will identify potential problems, enabling action to be taken to preempt unit failure.


  • Worldwide AURES Hotline and Help Desk services are available during the working week, from 9 am to 6 pm (local times).
  • For on-site maintenance, AURES commits to a nationwide, next-day call-out service;
  • Our one-year equipment guarantee can be extended to three years;
  • Given thecritical impact of POS terminal breakdown, AURES undertakes to repair or replace systems in less than 48 hours;
  • AURES product longevity is assured by a 5-year parts supply guarantee;
  • Worldwide AURES Technical Centres provide expertise and stocks of spares.
  • A copy of AURES Onsite Warranty Terms and Conditions are available upon request.