5 September 2017

For any customer facing business, whether in retail, leisure or hospitality, Point of Sale equipment is one of the most important assets you can own.

With the ability to make customer service faster and more agile, to manage finances and even to help automate stock control, the evolution of EPOS systems has helped millions of businesses the world over become more efficient and respond better to customer needs.

However, EPOS systems are not simple, straightforward pieces of equipment.

Comprising a variety of hardware terminals, processing software and networking protocols, most customers require technical assistance in setting up, configuring and maintaining EPOS products and solutions.

That is why service agreements make sense both for EPOS customers and vendors. From the vendor’s perspective, a service agreement represents an acknowledgement of the value an EPOS system has to the customer, that its value is only realised in its performance over the course of its lifetime, and that quality customer service does not end the moment the sale is processed.

For customers and users, a service agreement provides peace of mind and trust in the product for the duration of its operational life.

Minimising Risk, Maximising Value

Here are five benefits service agreements offer to EPOS customers:

  • Staging, configuration and installation of a new system customised to the needs of the business.
  • Ongoing customer service and help desk support at specified times.
  • Warranties on all equipment, including parts and repairs.
  • Guarantees on repair times and maintenance, so you know exactly how long any system outages will last for.
  • All of the above guaranteed by contract.

So a service agreement extends support for the EPOS user beyond the salesroom door. This helps to minimise risk on their behalf – purchasing an EPOS system is a major investment, so clients are looking for reassurances that they will get the best value possible from it. These reassurances also act as a safety net for a customer’s entire business operations. EPOS systems are critical tools, a system failure can prevent a business from processing sales, and hence effectively from trading. Customers need to know that in the event of a problem, support is on hand, and it will be resolved quickly.

Building Relationships

It makes sense for vendors to offer the best levels of service possible. For a vendor, a service agreement is a means of forming lasting relationships with customers and users. Instead of waving them off following the sale, a service agreement establishes a lasting point of contact. If you deliver on the promises you make, you build trust and loyalty. If you deliver exceptional levels of service, word soon gets around and becomes a point of difference for your brand.

The long term relationship offered by a service agreement is a win win for customer and vendor. For the former, if they enjoyed the levels of service they received, they know where to go next time they are looking for an EPOS upgrade. For the vendor, well, every business knows the value of a return customer.

For more information about the service packs and international guarantees offered by AURES on all of our EPOS products, please click here.