5 September 2017

For any retailer, your POS system is a critical asset that can make or break your business.

Today’s POS systems play a growing role in speeding customer service, training staff, managing finances and even controlling inventory.

As POS systems have evolved, they’ve helped millions of retailers become more operationally efficient and more customer-centric. And, as shoppers continue to raise the bar with higher expectations for the in-store experience, your POS system becomes an even more pivotal asset.

Unfortunately, those pivotal assets are not simple, plug-and-play devices. With a POS terminal, application software, peripherals, networking protocols and more, most customers require technical assistance to install, configure and maintain their POS system.

The mission-critical role of the system is precisely why a service agreement makes sense. System downtime equals lost sales revenue: when you can’t process sales transactions, you’re dead in the water. With a service agreement, you can be confident that specialized, expert resources are always available to keep your system running smoothly.  

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Value  

A service agreement extends support for your POS system throughout its operating life, minimizing your risk of downtime. When there’s a problem, specialized support resources are assigned for quick resolution, allowing you to focus on what you do best. A service agreement provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Staging, configuration and installation of a POS system customized to fit your business needs.
  • Ongoing customer service and help desk support.
  • Specialized resources who know your system hardware.  
  • Warranties on all equipment, including parts and repairs.
  • Guarantees on repair times and maintenance, so you know exactly how long your system will be impacted.

Service agreements are a wise investment that protects your most mission-critical asset.  You’ll gain peace of mind, knowing you’ll get expert service on your POS system when you need it most.  

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