23 November 2018

Flexible TCPOS software and stylish AURES’ SANGO POS systems now installed in RUBENBAUER points of sale and restaurants in Germany.

For more than 50 years, the RUBENBAUER name in Germany has been a mecca for “delicatessen”, “good food” and gastronomy in the broad sense; the brand has chosen the TCPOS software platform, combined with AURES Technologies’ POS systems, for all its management and till operations.

The brand venues include a number of typical establishments, shops, caterers and takeaway shops, as well as more traditional restaurants in all major cities and sports venues such as the Allianz Arena in Munich, not to mention the famous Bavarian restaurant “Donisl” in Marienplatz, also in Munich.

RUBENBAUER Holding’s places attract thousands of customers and gourmands every day – 365 days a year and 24 hours a day!

These exceptional opening hours have logically required the choice and deployment of an ultra-reliable, powerful and efficient software platform, together with the adequate POS systems – over the long term.

No failures since the beginning of the deployment

Thanks to AURES’ proven and reliable equipment and the flexibility and stability of the TCPOS platform, we have not had to face any system failures for two years! And we immediately liked the design of the SANGO hardware, which blends perfectly with other coordinated peripherals, such as receipt printers or customer display screens.

We constantly face the lack of space, heat, dirt, dust, etc. The SANGO system is fanless, which makes it extremely robust,” said Robert BITTNER, POS Systems Manager at RUBENBAUER Holding GmbH.

For both POS software and hardware, we were looking for very responsive regional partners who could provide excellent first and second level support.”

With its specific and exclusive design, the SANGO terminal visually matches with our shops, stores and restaurants. The bright, customer-oriented 10″ screens can be used optimally for digital signage operations at the checkout to draw our customers’ attention to current offers and promotional campaigns,” said Alexandra MAIERHOFER, Marketing Manager at RUBENBAUER Holding GmbH.

POS software and hardware: a solid combination for enhanced performance and reliability

All POS IT systems are controlled centrally from the Munich headquarters, using a single database for all sites. The POS software solution and systems are multifunctional and suitable for traditional use at points of sale and restaurants; dedicated and integrated interfaces connect each establishment to the centralized system (managing articles, accounting and financial flows, price lists and special pricing, etc).

Daniel NOWAK, Senior Sales Consultant at TCPOS GmbH concluded: “The specificity of the solution deployed at RUBENBAUER lies in the quality of the interaction and the perfect complementarity between software and hardware.  The whole is very efficient, robust and fucntional. This perfect interoperability allows smooth operations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.