1 August 2017

1. FSV Mainz 05 adopts AURES till management systems

Full roll-out in the OPEL ARENA completed within two days.

The OPEL ARENA, home of German Bundesliga Club 1.FSV Mainz 05 and on match days the second home of 34,000 fans, is ideally equipped for the upcoming 2017/2018 football season backed by the introduction of a new POS management system. After an extensive tender and comprehensive test phase, the Bundesliga 1 club opted for AURES Technologies GmbH, a leading global manufacturer of POS hardware and equipment. AURES won over the Club with the modern and stylish design of the YUNO EPOS terminal, the easy-maintenance concept, the anti-glare-screens and the 2-day guaranteed and rapid till system installation in all the catering spots of the venue.

Karsten Lippert, Head of IT, commented: “We realised how quickly and easily parts could be exchanged on this POS system and how this will help us enormously. We were won over by the clear customer service benefits and most of all, by AURES’s easy-maintenance concept.”
The YUNO terminal design was also exactly what the Club was looking for. Given the fluorescent tube lighting on the ceiling, the screens had to be largely free of reflections and glare. Hence the Club opted for anti-glare equipment. A further big strength was the fanless cooling, which means the tills have no air vents where bits of food and dirt can accumulate. 

Modern and clear lines are distinctive features of the OPEL ARENA and this is certainly apparent when looking at the counter. Because, rather than just placing the YUNO terminals on top of the counter, they were screwed directly into the steel without under-tiles providing a total silicone seal between the bottom of the till and the steel plates.
As a result, cables go downwards unseen without impinging on the look. The counter surface is free of clutter and so can easily be kept clean and the hygienic design reassures customers. A further, crucial AURES strength was the offer to have AURES people install and implement the complete 102-terminal system ready for use within just two days. Shortly thereafter, the practical test took place at the ‘Champions for Charity’ benefit football match. “
Karsten Lippert concluded: “Everything ran perfectly. AURES‘ project management skills are just perfect and all the stages of the installation were world class”.
The OPEL ARENA, also known as the 1.FSV Mainz 05 Arena is a multi-purpose stadium in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, that was opened in 2011. It is used for football matches and hosts the home matches of the German Bundesliga. The stadium has a capacity of 34,034 people, of which 19,700 seated.