9 April 2018

Les ”Faits Papillon”, the monthly newsletter of our AURES France’s Partner CRISALID, looks back on the success of this young brand, which has chosen SANGO terminals for the roll-out of the Phasis POS management solution.

The latest issue of CRISALID‘s monthly newsletter focuses on Day by Day, a French chain concept 100% dedicated to bulk groceries – and whose first store opened in May 2013, in a small 30 square meter test room in Meudon la Forêt near Paris!

Since then, the Company has experienced rapid growth, with today over 34 franchise outlets – in France and Brussels – and a target of 50 stores by the end of 2018.

Bulk sales are a strong and rising value: consumers  go to Day by Day stores with their own containers that they fill on the spot, buying only what they need, by weight (or by the liter…) and above all at the right price; no more oversized, expensive  polluting packaging and unwanted waste!


The brand offers 750 references, in organic and conventional products, including traditional groceries but also many personal care and house cleaning items, and even toothpaste!

CRISALID established itself since the launch of the Brand and has since equipped each point of sale with AURES SANGO POS systems, integrating their software. The whole IT solution is connected to a weighing scale and a central server; this in order to compile the data and to allow constant monitoring of the shops’ turnover evolution, while ensuring the management of flows and supplies as well as CRM and loyalty programs.

The Day by Day brand, which has highlighted the orange colour as a strong element of its brand identity since the beginning, has naturally installed the SANGO POS terminal in the same tone, for a complete harmony on the POS.