9 October 2019

As Australia’s largest global fashion retailer, The COTTON ON  Group has become an icon in retail.
With an expansive store footprint, COTTON ON require solid IT systems from the warehouse to the counters in store.
When it comes to their POS terminals, they have chosen to work with AURES and selected the YUNO integrated touch terminal in their Australian and international operations.
Originally using a PC and monitor POS setup, COTTON ON  made the shift to an all-in-one unit to provide a hardware platform that was capable of handling future operating system developments as well as a touch interface for a more intuitive user experience.
Their POS footprint has reduced and the performance and reliability of the YUNO has helped maintain a positive customer experience while reducing IT support and costs.
AURES touch enabled customer displays are also being installed to allow for greater customer interaction into the future.
You can find out more about the YUNO terminals at COTTON ON in our latest customer story video.