3 December 2019

Created in 2008, the Boulangerie ANGE franchise network is undergoing significant development; with approximately 150 points of sale in France today, a sustained rate of about 30 openings per year and an average attendance of 800 customers per day, the success of the formula and the concept is well established.

The brand trusts CRISALID for all its POS IT solution deployments – as well as AURES Technologies for its point-of-sale terminals (SANGO and JAZZ POS systems) and associated peripherals that support the ALIRIS V3 software platform.

“The partnership between CRISALID and Boulangerie ANGE has existed since the opening of the first store in the Bouches du Rhône region” explains Fabien PAGES, Director of CRISALID SUD and initiator of the project.

Patricia GAFFET, Head of the bakery network, particularly appreciates the latest version of CRISALID’s software, which is very intuitive and ergonomic, as well as the design of AURES hardware equipment, both in terms of ergonomics and look in general; “this really contributes to our efforts in terms of point of sale marketing and brand image consistency, throughout our entire network” she declared.

“We are very pleased with the quality of our collaboration with CRISALID and Boulangerie ANGE” concludes AURES France’s Head of Sales. “It is a solid and lasting partnership, based on mutual trust; after the SANGO POS terminals, we are now proposing the JAZZ POS, which will gradually be deployed in the bakeries and coffee shops of the brand”.

Thanks to Richard BANCEL and his team for their patience during our photo report! (here in the new store and coffee shop Boulangerie ANGE located in Lisses (Paris region, near AURES HQ)