11 March 2019

The most American of the Parisian bars has chosen CLYO Systems and AURES

The legendary Harry’s New York Bar – located 5, rue Daunou in Paris – is now equipped with AURES touchscreen point of sale terminals for its management and till operations; the systems are operational thanks to CLYO Systems‘ software platform.

Created in 1911 by a former American jockey, this legendary and timeless place reached its peak in the 1920s (“roaring twenties”), when tourists, expatriates and famous American artists began to flock to Paris to enjoy the eternal cocktails that had been invented there, such as the Bloody Mary, the Blue Lagoon, the White Lady or the amazing “Petrifier”.

Even today, you can go there to drink the best whiskies, to dance until 3am in the lower room, in a jazzy musical atmosphere, where you always expect to meet Hemingway or Fitzgerald…; in short, it is the deep America in the heart of Paris, a timeless must and not to be missed.

The POS systems installed include YUNO and NINO in front and back office, with onsite and remote management functions, thanks to the CLYO SYSTEMS version PRO software (till function, inventory and employee management, sales reports, customer loyalty programs, accounting data exports…)