21 March 2018

Launched in 1993, Maison ANNE FONTAINE was first famous for its iconic white blouses and shirts ; at the heart of the AND of the brand, this major and timeless piece in  the women’s wardrobe has become the emblem of its know-how.

As part of the overhaul and complete migration of its multi-site POS management system, which involves 60 stores in France and abroad, ANNE FONTAINE has started installing the AURES Group’s SANGO terminals, which operate thanks to a new CEGID software platform.

“This migration to a new POS solution will allow us to significantly improve our multi-site and omni-channel management,” explains Thomas LE RAY, IT Manager of the Company.

“The consumer-seller relationship and the POS and till functions will be progressively simplified and made more fluid, as will the control of our  shops’ supplies; centralised  management, which will enable us to control all the operational processes of our points of sale in real time, is also an advantage over our former platform.

With regard to the hardware issue of the project, the AURES SANGO terminal has literally imposed itself on us,” he continues.  “Its contemporary look corresponds  in all respects to the spirit of our Maison; its adaptability to our various till  furniture designs – like the fact that it can be removed and dispensed from  its base, by fixing it directly on the desk, allows an absolute, discreet and light integration, which is ideal in our shop and brand environment.

The low energy consumption of the AURES terminals was also a plus in our choice; our designer and founder is very involved in the environmental cause, as attested by the ANNE FONTAINE Foundation * created in 2011 and based in New York.

We have naturally selected  fanless POS systems with a low carbon footprint, a way for us to remain cautious and work in the best possible way to respect our planet.

The global  presence of AURES is another interesting point for us ; the Group is originallly French (like us)  but is now present in many countries.

Our IT Department is constantly looking for partners who are in a position to accompany us outside France; AURES has confirmed its ability to play this role efficiently, at each store opening.

Finally, the reliability and performance of the AURES hardware during our tests, combined with the great ease of maintenance of their “all-in-one” stucture, definitely tipped the scales, undeniably” concludes Thomas LE RAY.

“The elegance and delicacy of the sleek white design of SANGO terminals is perfectly in harmony with the spirit and image of Maison ANNE FONTAINE and its white shirt for women, our emblematic product and concept,” said Laurence ESKENAZI – CAIROLE, Collection Director”.

And Nathalie CAHUREL, Director Retail Europe to add add: “Our sales and marketing teams have all embraced the idea of these new POS  terminals ; their lines, style and ergonomics have convinced all our employees and users;  comfort in use and confidence are total, our teams in shops can devote themselves entirely to consumer service without having to worry about any technical problems at the checkout.

“We are very satisfied with the IT POS roll-outs at ANNE FONTAINE “concludes Dany ZRIHEN, Senior Account Sales Engineer at AURES Technologies; ” The confidence of such a brand, which is a reference in the world of fashion thanks to its unique positioning, the quality of its products and the durability of its fundamentals, reinforces our ability to position AURES in the segment of Textile Retail – High end fashion”.


ANNE FONTAINE is a famous French-Brazilian fashion designer, well known for the emblematic white blouses and shirts for women that she reinvents each new season; she opened her first shop in Paris – Saint Germain des Prés – in 1994;   over the years, she imagined a whole wardrobe and various accessories around this iconic piece of garment.

Maison ANNE FONTAINE now owns more than 60 stores and shops in the world (in France, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherland and Asia) ;

The ANNE FONTAINE label and products are also available in over 70 multi-brand retail outlets and in the brand’s online eshop as well.

The head office and design studios have been located in Honfleur, Normandy, since 1998.

ANNE FONTAINE annual sales exceed 60 million dollars.

ANNE FONTAINE – The Foundation

Born of a Brazilian mother and a Franco-German father in Rio de Janeiro, Anne FONTAINE has always been involved in environmental causes, alongside her commercial activities; committed to ecological and ethical challenges, to the promotion of clean energy and the protection of the Mata Atlantica Brazilian forest, she created her own Foundation in New York in 2011.

Since then, The ANNE FONTAINE Foundation has supported Brazilian NGOs and allowed the planting of more than 40,000 trees in Bahia, Pernambuc and Minas Gerais states.

The Organization brings together farmers and local populations to help them replant and provide them with environmental education, and at the same time undertakes educational activities for schoolchildren in the Favelas of Rio and Salvador de Bahia, by organizing competitions and artistic events in schools, for example.