17 December 2019

The French food service chain strengthens the digitalisation of its “Salad’ Bars” and relies on AURES self-ordering kiosks.

Positioned on a new generation “salad’ bar” concept, the ANKKA restaurant chain bears the name of a small town in Finland where natural healthy food – and “anti-fast food” – are king; launched in 2009, the Brand is managed by Alain DUQUESNE and has now 14 restaurants in France; it proposes ultra-fresh menus made to measure that each customer composes from an exclusive offer of more than 42 ingredients and 20 sauces and seasonings (hot or cold), to be combined.

In order to support its franchise development and optimize the customer flow and experience, the Brand is relying on a “Move Digital” strategy and has chosen to gradually deploy interactive self-ordering and payment kiosks – entirely designed and developed by AURES Technologies.

“The new AURES KOSMOS kiosks have been customized for ANKKA and are perfectly adapted to the needs of our business model and modern food-service and catering in general,” explains Alain DUQUESNE, “in our restaurant in the new “Massy” business district (near Paris), which is a kind of pilot platform for our network, we have installed 4 kiosks, in addition to the 2 AURES YUNO point of sale terminals that we have kept on the sales counter until now.

“The digitalization of order taking and payments is becoming more widespread in contemporary catering and food service” says Franck GEIGER, key account sales engineer and project manager for AURES. “Urban consumers have adopted new habits, linked to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets; in the morning and at noon, they are in a hurry and want to relax while having lunch, a snack, or coffee; they cannot afford to waste time ordering and paying; AURES kiosks, like the smartphone, are exceptional aids to self-ordering upstream and thus relieve congestion and reduce queues”.