2 May 2016

Technology developer Sorion Electronics, now 25 years old, offers a comprehensive range of bespoke systems and services for the Automotive, Engineering and Manufacturing industries.  Sorion’s engineering, in the shape of bespoke electrical testing and assembly process control solutions, is used in the production of billions of dollars worth of vehicles every month. 

The company has an enviable client list – a who’s who of leading vehicle and automotive component manufacturers – that includes Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Denso, Grupo Antolin, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Lamborghini, Lear, Leyland DAF Trucks, KAB Seating, Magna, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Toyota and ZF-TRW.  Sorion recently added innovative manufacturer of air- and vacuum-based equipment, Dyson, to the list.

Sorion systems are deployed in over 100 locations throughout the UK and across Europe, Scandinavia and the Far East.  “In a sector where many businesses are failing, we sell reliable, functional systems at a competitive price, outperforming even local suppliers,” explains Steve Hayes, co-founder and commercial director of Sorion Electronics.

In 2009, J2 Retail Systems (now AURES Technologies) secured the Sorion contract and in the ensuing years has seen its PC-based touchscreen EPOS terminals become Sorion’s de facto choice for deployment across its industrial clients. 

Approximately 500 terminals are now in use, sold by Sorion as part of a pre-configured package of hardware and software to run either an assembly chain or industrial testing processes. 

The benefits of the J2 600 terminals in an industrial environment

  • The J2s have demonstrated their industrial strength in terms of build, reliability and performance;
  • The black unit fits in well in a manufacturing environment and is rugged enough to cope with tough handling;
  • With industrial processes running 24/7, the J2s deliver excellent performance, often running continuously for weeks on end;
  • Ease of maintenance is a big strength. Client staff can do on the spot replacements and upgrades without sending the J2 terminals away for repair;
  • The J2s are fanless so no dirt or foreign bodies from the shop floor are sucked into the workings, causing them to fail;
  • The J2’s cost of ownership is good, in terms both of purchase and lifetime usage. This helps Sorion to thrive in a competitive market.