27 March 2024

“ROUGEGORGE Lingerie” upgrades its POS infrastructure and deploys AURES’ YUNO II POS systems

The origins of “ROUGORGE Lingerie” date back to 1992, when the “Phildar” brand in France decided to diversify by creating and marketing women’s underwear items. Initially named “Cannelle Lingerie”, a new brand was created in 1998 and became independent in 2010, taking the name ROUGEGORGE.

Awarded “Best Retailer 2024″ in the “Lingerie and Underwear Stores” category (Capital magazine’s France rankings), ROUGEGORGE Lingerie – headquartered in Wasquehal near Lille (north of France)  – today owns over 260 shops in France and Belgium. The brand is expanding rapidly, both in “branch” mode (around 60% of outlets) and “affiliate” mode (40%).

This major player in women’s lingerie has doubled its sales network in less than 6 years. To support its growth, the company has decided in 2023 to upgrade its entire POS environment with AURES Group’s YUNO II point-of-sale terminals.

“Our former IT infrastructure dated back to 2016 and was becoming really outdated,” explains Pierre TREPAGNE, Head of Infrastructure and Support at ROUGEGORGE Lingerie.

“In addition to recurring and problematic breakdown rates, our former management and POS systems were running on Windows 7, an OS that was becoming obsolete and didn’t allow us to develop all the applications we needed in our outlets.

To scale up and move to Windows 10, we had to implement a new software platform; to support it and make it operational, we had to deploy a whole range of new point-of-sale terminals that were more recent, efficient and reliable over the longer term”.

The ROUGEGORGE IT department therefore selected YUNO II AURES terminals.

A first wave of deployments took place in 2023, followed in 2024 by the installation of around a hundred new-generation terminals; all the brand’s stores and shops will thus integrate this new AURES POS by 2025.

“The YUNO II terminals are robust and reliable; equipped with 11th-generation INTEL processors and NVMe-M.2 flash disks, they deliver long-lasting performance and virtually no downtime!

What’s more, they are extremely easy to maintain, thanks to the exclusive magnetic design of various parts of their external structure, such as the rear cover, which can be accessed in a flash and without tools,” continues Pierre TREPAGNE. 

“Another AURES advantage is the support provided in preparing the equipment, which is delivered to us pre-mastered, with all the ROUGEGORGE-specific software already installed and pre-configured, ready to run; this is a considerable advantage, which saves our IT teams at head office and in the shops a great deal of time.

Over and above our requirements and these fundamental technical aspects for our IT department, the design and ergonomics of the new YUNO II hardware really made the difference: more contemporary and refined, with, for example, a light and discreet base, the design of these AURES POS terminals accompanies our brand identity with elegance right through to our checkout areas; this is essential when you’re operating in retail textile and women’s fashion, where every element in the customer journey has to be harmonious and coherent”, he concludes.

YUNO II’s second, customer-facing 10-inch screen offers incomparable resolution and image quality, which is also a plus on ROUGEGORGE sales counters.

“These IT deployments, which will be completed by 2025, are essential for the challenges we will be facing over the next few years,” concludes Pierre TREPAGNE.

“In addition to replacing and upgrading our POS solutions, our infrastructures will also have to support the implementation of a new, innovative ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is better suited to our needs and those of our sales outlets.

ROUGEGORGE Lingerie in short…

  • An innovative range of lingerie since 1992
  • > 260 outlets in France and Belgium
  • > 600 employees
  • 7 million items sold each year.
  • 134.8 M€ (2022 sales)
  • A brand strongly committed to respecting the planet, society and women
  • Best Brand 2024 in its category (Capital ranking)

YUNO II key benefits

  • 11th generation INTEL processors (low power consumption – reduced carbon footprint)
  • 2 NVMe slots
  • Choice of 4:3 or 16:9 screens – 10-point PCAP capacitive projected panel
  • RAM expandable up to 32 GB
  • 90° tilting base
  • Multiple, discreet, and accessible connections
  • Output for 2nd screen
  • Slimmer base and design, for compact, lighter equipment
  • Magnetised rear cover for easy access and handling
  • Integration of the most compact motherboard on the market (simplified maintenance)
  • Ultra-strong, accessible on/off button on the front panel
  • LED light (green red) on AURES logo indicating POS status (on/off) on the front