JONAK: Design & advanced POS technologies

29 April 2024

JONAK has chosen AURES design and technology

Founded in 1964 in Paris on rue Saint Placide, the JONAK brand is a must-have for trendy, feminine French shoes. In the sixties, anything was possible in Saint Germain des Prés! Society as a whole, the fashion world and the arts and culture scene, were in turmoil and started their own revolution! Modernity was on the move. And so was JONAK.

Iconic, creative, rigorous and visionary, the family Brand created by Marcel NAKAM and his wife Josette (hence the name JO-NAK, a fusion of the first name and surname) took off in the 90s, with the opening of around thirty shops, followed by the digitalisation of sales from 2012.

Today, JONAK has more than 42 points of sale in France and Belgium, not counting the many complementary corners in Department stores and the gradual opening of international shops.

‘We are very satisfied with the first deployments of the AURES Group’s YUNO II point-of-sale terminals,’ explains Anass OUDGHIRI, IT Manager at JONAK.

‘We needed to move up a gear by improving the performance of our POS IT infrastructure, making it more flexible and more consistent from one shop to another.

In terms of ergonomics and integrated technologies, YUNO II is a resolutely reliable piece of hardware, with 11th-generation INTEL processors and an NVMe-M.2 flash drive providing power and performance over time, with no major worries about breakdowns or maintenance issues. What’s more, servicing is extremely easy, thanks to an AURES design incorporating magnetic elements that are ultra-practical and accessible, even without tools, such as the rear cover. The solutions deployed are fully operational thanks to CEGID’s Winstore platform.

Over and above these very important technical issues, we were won over by the overall design and ease of use of the YUNO II POS system : its modern look and slim, light lines fit in very well with our sales counters; the AURES equipment is in perfect harmony with the style and contemporary spirit of our shops, whose architecture and fittings were designed by Mika Violetta; no element of our commercial environment should be left to chance’.

JONAK in brief

  • 60 years of passion!
  • 42 points of sale (France, Belgium) + in-store corners
  • 350 shoe references per season
  • Manufactured in Portugal, Spain and Italy
  • 2012: start of digital sales
  • + 800,000 followers on social networks (Instagram, Tik Tock, etc)
  • 200+ employees
  • Turnover of around €50m
  • Regular growth of over 20% a year

The advantages of the YUNO II POS units installed

  • 11th generation INTEL processors (low power consumption – reduced carbon footprint)
    • 2 NVMe slots
    • Choice of 4:3 or 16:9 screens – 10-point PCAP capacitive projected panel
    • RAM expandable up to 32 GB
    • 90° base tilt
    • Multiple, discreet and accessible connections
    • Output for 2nd screen
    • Slimmer base and design, for compact, lighter equipment
    • Magnetised rear cover for easy access and handling
    • Integration of the most compact motherboard on the market (simplified maintenance)
    • Ultra-strong, accessible on/off button on the front panel
    • LED light (green-red) on AURES logo indicating POS status (on/off)