ID Group

24 January 2024

ID Group endorses AURES POS Technologies

Over 1500 AURES point-of-sale systems are now deployed and operational in the Group’s retail outlets in a large number of countries.

With a turnover of € 892 million in 2022, ID Group (IDKIDS) is a key global player in fashion, clothing, accessories and toys for children aged 0 to 14.

The Group has been expanding rapidly for several decades, and today brings together renowned Brands such as IDKIDS, OKAIDI, JACADI, OXYBUL, etc., which have an international presence in more than 70 countries.

The partnership between ID Group and AURES Technologies was established in 2016; today, the POS infrastructure includes around 1,500 systems (mainly YUNO models).

  • “The fact that AURES POS equipment is offered in white* was a significant factor in our selection process,” explains Amélie POPPE, Domain Manager and CTO at ID Group.

“The visual impact, in line with our DNA, our identity and our furniture concepts – for example – is an essential marker; we needed elegant equipment to match our efforts in terms of point-of-sale marketing, with a perfect POS integration, in harmony with the spirit of our Brands.

The modularity and scalability that distinguish the conception and design of YUNO POS terminals are also major competitive advantages; in 2023, we upgraded our IT equipment from Windows 7 to Windows 10; the necessary changes were made without having to replace all POS terminals,  simply by swapping and upgrading certain hard disks, which are easily accessible, removable and  interchangeable on all AURES equipment.

AURES is in fact one of the only manufacturers on the POS market able to offer such scalability for its management and checkout systems; this flexibility and modularity – which means a longer lifespan for the hardware – is a real asset and a plus in terms of our eco-responsibility and Green-IT responsibilities”.

  • We have been loyal to AURES since the first wave of renewal of our POS equipment in 2017,” continues Cathy COUVREUR, Head of IT Deployment at ID Group.

“Since then, all our store openings have been with AURES hardware, because it perfectly meets the needs of our outlets, our teams and our customers, in terms of the performance, quality and durability of the equipment used.

Thanks to the quality and robustness of the AURES hardware, our customer journey  is seamless, even during busy periods (such as the season changes, back-to-school period, festive season or sales – as it is currently the case).

The fanless, all-in-one YUNO POS systems are particularly reliable, with no risk of overheating, which is a major advantage over older equipment,” explains Cathy.

“What’s more, their ergonomics, accessibility and contemporary, compact design are in line with our need for consistency across our IT infrastructure, both technologically and technically, and in terms of visual harmony, particularly in our multi-brand areas”.

  • “In addition to the quality and reliability of the hardware concerned,” says Malik BENDELAL, the Group’s IT Support and Production Manager, “we particularly appreciate AURES’ responsiveness in terms of service, technical and commercial support, both in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and the availability of the support teams that we regularly call upon.

During the COVID years, we were impressed by the adaptability of the AURES Group,  which was always able to offer alternatives during periods of hardware, motherboard and processor shortages:
AURES always found alternative solutions and responded favourably to our needs in terms of replacement, new hardware or spare parts (and other associated sub-systems and peripherals) ; with AURES, we were therefore able to cope without too many problems during these tricky years!

  • ID Group confirms that it will continue to upgrade and renew its various IT POS equipment with AURES hardware in the coming years. Store openings in new countries are also being studied and planned.

All equipment deployed in the Group’s stores runs on Windows 10, thanks to CEGID‘s Winstore software platform, which guarantees smooth management and payment operations.

ID Group (IDKIDS) in brief

  • 17 brands, 6,000 employees, 70 countries
  • 892 million € turnover in 2022
  • Over 4,000 training courses in France and abroad
  • Over 30 operational websites
  • Over 250 employees involved in mutual aid and charitable work through the “We Act For Kids” Fund