22 October 2021

COPPER BRANCH Lyon La Part Dieu (France) deploys AURES’ KRYSTAL interactive kiosks

COPPER BRANCH is the world’s first 100% vegetable-based and vegan “Fast Good” restaurant chain. Its mission is to serve “good for you” and “good for the planet” menus. These include a variety of recipes with gourmet flavours, prepared on site with fresh, non-GMO ingredients, to “treat yourself and your body to the best”.

In order to reduce queues and free up space at the point of service, COPPER BRANCH Lyon la Part Dieu in France has equipped itself with KRYSTAL kiosks from AURES. These are operational thanks to a software platform developed and installed by MENLOG.

“The design and ergonomics of the KRYSTAL kiosks are very well suited to the needs of the food service industry”, explains Jérôme MARY, manager of COPPER BRANCH in Lyon; “the more frequented our commercial spaces are, the more positive and important the contribution of interactive kiosks to a sales and catering area is; These KIOSK solutions considerably reduce queues, which is vital during rush hours in an often crowded shopping centre; it also allows us to better manage the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, who no longer have to queue and wait too long to order, be served and pay.

The AURES KRYSTAL kiosks are light and compact but of very high quality, extremely resistant and reliable over time,” adds François BEAUCOURT, MENLOG’s Marketing and Sales Director. “Combined with the MENBORNE software solution developed by our teams, their functions are also very intuitive and each consumer carries out self-ordering and the corresponding payment from the touch screen in just a few clicks! Their slim and space-saving design preserves and enhances the open-space atmosphere of the COPPER BRANCH restaurant, which is not obstructed or partitioned by overly present or massive equipment.

In addition to the KRYSTAL kiosks, the installation of an AURES YUNO point-of-sale terminal on the counter at COPPER BRANCH Lyon la Part Dieu completes the management and payment system within the customer experience offered by the establishment.

Founded in 2014 in Canada, the COPPER BRANCH network now has 10 establishments in France and 2 in Belgium; deployments of AURES interactive kiosks are underway or planned in the coming months in several of the chain’s establishments.