YUNO II Special Focus

10 October 2022

On the arrival of YUNO II, the new AURES point of sale terminal, we gave the floor to Mirko CONCA, Product Manager.

AURES is an IT manufacturer of POS and KIOSK hardware solutions (point of sale terminals and interactive kiosks) that is very well known for the quality and exclusivity of its outstanding designs, the robustness of its equipment and the reliability of its technologies.

Thus, always listening to our partners and customers (indeed, AURES means “ears” in Latin), we have listened to their request for a new, innovative POS solution that no one had been able to design and produce until now.

The AURES teams were able to pool their resources and efforts to achieve this, defining an ambitious and precise set of specifications.

No product development has been easy in recent years; because of the lasting COVID pandemic, then the war in Ukraine, the situation in Taiwan and now the energy crisis… we discover every day that some of the procurement or delivery times for components and semiconductors are sometimes longer than expected; not to mention the constraints of logistics and international transport, which are still under pressure.

When developing a new POS system, it is always very difficult to find a balance between the users’ request for INNOVATION (need for innovative products) and their COMFORT ZONE (comfort of use linked to their habits); many customers and users therefore say they want technological novelty, innovation and performance; but at the same time, they often remain a little reluctant or “followers” and therefore sometimes slow in adopting them.

Once again, AURES has succeeded in reconciling these two trends by offering a new POS system that is reassuring – thanks to its emblematic and well-known AURES design (known as YUNO) – while positioning itself at the cutting edge of new technologies with the integration of the most powerful processors.

We have been working on the YUNO II project for several years now; from the very first AURES kick-off meeting to the beginning of production, we are now closer to the long awaited launch and arrival on our markets of this new hardware.

Former YUNO versions have always been bestsellers; however, like any other IT system, the hardware had to undergo major revamp and a complete technological overhaul. We could have simply chosen to add new processors, but that would not have met our customers’ expectations; so we decided to go further and offer a truly different and innovative POS solution.

With the SANGO POS terminal, launched in 2013 – and after ODYSSE in 2005 – AURES proved to be THE forerunner and THE trend-setter in terms of POS innovation through design; in this respect, SANGO is still considered today by partners and customers as the most design-oriented, aesthetic and elegant POS system on the market; then came JAZZ, another emblematic AURES product, which quickly became the subject of poor copies…like almost all our systems!

Once again, with YUNO II, we had to live up to our partners’ expectations.

Naturally, the design of this new POS visually belongs to the large YUNO family; however, its lines have been reinterpreted to make it a terminal for the 21st century: they are clear, clean, thinner and we have even been able to gain 1 cm in thickness for the touch panel and the screen, which is now almost edgeless and much flatter. In addition, the new magnetic cover has been (re)designed to be quickly and intuitively attached and removed, allowing easy but secure access to the processor module. Same for the stand (base) of the system, which protects hidden wires –  which can also be moved easily.

YUNO II is equipped with the smallest and most compact processor module (motherboard) ever created, entirely developed by AURES. Additionally, the Group was the first POS manufacturer to introduce USB-C connectivity to the point-of-sale and retail IT market; innovation and design are clearly in the AURES DNA!

This new POS is equipped with a choice of three 11th generation INTEL processors. They include a J6412 (Elkhart Lake), an i3 and an i5 (Tiger Lake); of course, they are fanless like all AURES embedded processors (INTEL embedded family).

These processors arrived recently on the market and will be available for 15 years, i.e. until around 2035.

Their performance is no mean feat, with 50% more power for the new J6412 than the previous i5 version.

Although their performance has been taken to the highest level, this does not mean that AURES has not thought about the environmental impact of its POS technologies; indeed, the cast aluminium chassis of YUNO II, together with its fanless design, ensure a controlled and reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, a YUNO II “greener pack “(containing almost no plastic and thus more “eco-friendly”) is also under validation on a larger scale.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information