22 February 2018

The advantages of the latest WINDOWS 10 LTSB version for the POS

Faster, smoother and more secure, the latest version of Microsoft’s OS, WINDOWS 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) 2016 improves the hardware performance of your point-of-sale terminals.

Reliability and safety are optimized with a 10-year technical support guarantee and 15 years of availability.

At AURES, the latest business platform version under WINDOWS will replace the previous versions 7 and 8 in the short term. It perfectly meets the needs of the retail trade in all POS (Point of Sales and Service).

Thanks to this new WINDOWS professional platform, a SANGO or YUNO system will be able to communicate and interface seamlessly with the SWING tablet and all AURES peripherals at the point of sale.

Unlike WINDOWS 7 and 8, all WINDOWS 10 versions are completely multilingual, making it easier to integrate it into retail chains and networks that have to manage international and global IT deployments.

Stability brought by the LTSB license

In many business environments, It is often impossible to execute regular upgrades without interrupting the performance of point of sale terminals.

The LTSB license thus allows you to defer important changes to the core of WINDOWS 10 but enables you to choose security updates for optimal and permanent protection against computer attacks.

The technical support period is 10 years with 5 years in standard support and 5 years in extended support, a guarantee of confidence for POS IT departments.

Indeed, for CIOs, the choice and frequency of OS updates is free without prejudice to the termination of technical support by Microsoft as before.

Increased security at the POS level

WINDOWS 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016 allows you to restrict access to hardware, system and software to allow only the use of the POS vertical software and prohibit Internet browsing, USB stick connection, file copying, installation of applications, etc.

This bridle is simplified and does not require a connection to a server that stores all access rights specific to the software and hardware resources.

The POS is completely under control and it is, for example, impossible to restart the POS terminal by pressing the CTRL + Alt + Del keys or by blocking the broadcast of a promotional video.

System Alert Messages can be filtered to display only those messages that are essential for store personnel.

The stability and security provided by WINDOWS 10 IoT Enterprise in its latest LTSB version is a guarantee of productivity at the point of sale and enables a lighter workload for IT departments.