1 March 2018

The “Roaming” function
and the POGO system: 
two exclusive innovations and advantages
of the AURES’ SWING tablet on the POS

by Christophe GUNTZ, Technical Manager, AURES Technologies

The SWING by AURES is a unique concept of multi-purpose tablet, developed in response to the needs of the omni-channel environment and the mobility of the point of sale and service.

This highly resistant solution offers a wide range of features and an adaptable, ergonomic and avant-garde design.

The system is a unique professional B2B tablet (available in over 6 product configurations) specially designed for the POS various sectors.

It incorporates two innovative, unique and exclusive features,  that we would like to review in detail: 

  • The AURES’ POGO system – a magnetic attachment and connection module (with integrated motorised security latches), it allows the tablet to be positioned on its various supports and is also a locking device (anti-theft function).
  • The SWING’s “Roaming” mode, which operates thanks to the network emulation of local ports (via the Docking Station or the Light Box).

It consists in a mini system, integrated in the Docking Station and running on Linux; the device allows the emulation of local ports via the WIFI network and the tablet can thus control all the peripherals of the POS remotely, even when roaming.

The SWING does not therefore need to be physically connected to its various supports (Docking Station or Light Box for mini-pole and wall-mounted applications) to be able to remotely manage ticket printers, cash drawers, payment terminals, keyboards, contactless card readers or scanners.

Another advantage of the “Roaming” mode is that even when the tablet is (re)positioned on the Docking Station or connected to the Light Box, it will continue to work in the WIFI mode.

The user does not have to endure any additional reconnection time (no modification of the IP address which remains that of the WIFI mode and therefore no time lost to switch and reconnect).

To discover the SWING’s other major key advantages.