13 June 2018

Where is the best place for your POS screens and terminals? On a desk? Mounted on a wall? Or how about on a pole?

For many years, the sheer size of old-fashioned cash registers didn’t leave much room at the checkout counter, or for aesthetically incorporating your POS system into the overall design of your retail space.   Nor did things get much better when the first software-based POS systems arrived, requiring the addition of a PC to the already-cluttered mix. 

These, remember, were the days before all-in-one systems.

Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where high performance can be married to aesthetically-pleasing design, as well as flexibility. At AURES, these are important considerations for our POS terminals – we want them to look great in our clients’ stores, but we also know that different retail spaces have different needs.

That’s why we offer a variety of ways place and use your AURES hardware in store. But for the purposes of this blog, we want to explore the benefits of just one – mounting your POS equipment on poles.

On your level

Our all-in-one AURES YUNO and NINO terminals come with VESA-compliant mounting kits for easily mounting screens on walls and poles. One of the main benefits of mounting equipment is that it gets the system off the busy counter, reducing the risk of damage from accidental knocks and spills, and helps keep screens and CPU units clean and dust free.

By freeing up space on the countertop, you create more space for point of sale peripherals such as a cash drawer, receipt printers and card readers, or you can create a completely clutter-free space that aligns with the clean, modern image you want to convey in your store.

Pole mounting offers more choice in where you can locate your point of sale – it doesn’t have to be near a wall. While wall mounting is useful for elevated display screens that showcase promotional

videos, in-store walls are often do not provide the best locations for encouraging interaction with customers.

Poles also lift hardware off a counter surface to free up space and reduce clutter. And it isn’t just the main POS terminals you can mount on poles. Central poles can be fitted with arms on which you can attach all your peripherals, such as receipt printers and chip and PIN readers, keeping all hardware compact, tidy and out of the way.

Another big advantage of pole mounting is that poles are available in different heights. You could incorporate the pole at eye level, therefore staff will be looking straight ahead and out at the customer when they use the terminal, not downward at a screen on the desk. This is much more welcoming.

Customer screens

Poles also allow the screen to rotate a full 360 degrees, so associates checking stock or prices can share the information with the customer simply by swivelling the screen.

Another way to achieve this same end is to add a customer-facing screen to your terminal. There are also benefits to mounting a customer display on a pole along with the rest of the POS hardware. A pole-mounted screen will be at the customer’s eye level, making it more convenient for customer viewing of merchandise options or transaction details.

Also, if you have a customer-facing touchscreen, mounting it will make it that much easier for customers to select product, delivery or payment options.