Optimising Customer Experience and Security: the end of compromises

19 September 2023

NEDAP and AURES unveil a new, fully secure KIOSK SCO solution at Paris Retail Week 2023. (Paris Porte de Versailles – 19 to 21 September). Stand 4G090 (LYF & NEDAP – Hall 4)

Paris, 19 September 2023; based on the KEEGO self-check-out (SCO) kiosk from AURES Technologies, this new solution is the result of a dynamic collaboration between AURES and NEDAP France.

This interactive kiosk represents a significant advance in the field of check-out, thanks to on-board RFID technology developed with particular attention to the reliability of price reading and anti-theft security.


This new interactive kiosk is a bi-technological RF/ RFID Self-Checkout (SCO) solution, capable of combining instant and mass capture of item prices – and at the same time disabling conventional RF anti-theft tags.

This fast turnaround makes checkout a smoother experience and gives customers full autonomy.

The checkout software is managed by the CEGID Retail Y2 unified commerce platform.

The NEDAP ID Cloud solution manages individual items in conjunction with the CEGID Retail Y2 unified commerce platform, enabling communication between the POS ecosystem, anti-theft equipment and NEDAP RFID reading solutions (tanks, plates, antennas, mobile readers, etc.).

NEDAP iD Cloud

The NEDAP iD Cloud platform is a solution designed for retailers. It enables stock levels to be viewed in real time in a unified and omnichannel way (shops and warehouses) and to match supply and demand optimally, transferring items between different locations without losing track of a single product.

NEDAP intelligent anti-theft solutions

In addition to its Radio Identification (RFID) stock management solution, NEDAP is also a pioneer in the field of anti-theft solutions; its offering has evolved from a simple alarm when an unpaid item is removed, to an intelligent solution capable of precisely identifying unpaid items (backed up by photos and product description).

Connected up and associated with supervision tools, these anti-theft antennae guarantee an optimised level of in-store protection.


With these innovative technologies, exclusively “made in Europe”, retailers now have the opportunity to effectively improve the in-store customer journey and experience (availability, autonomous checkout, speed of payment) without the risk of markdowns (theft, etc.).

These integrated solutions represent the future of retail: the challenges of new technologies, the evolution of the customer journey and eco-responsibility are intimately intertwined, and optimising their synergies is now a necessity.

About NEDAP France

Founded in 1929 in the Netherlands – and in France in 1997 – NEDAP operates in more than 80 countries in the field of RFID identification and traceability solutions for points of sale and libraries, as well as access and security management.