BELORDER & AURES put on a show!

17 June 2024

Arnaud PIROELLE, Deputy CEO of the AURES Group, was recently at Station F – the world’s largest start-up campus based in Paris – at the invitation of Team BELORDER for a morning of information and discussion.

This was accompanied by a full video and interview session, organised by Vifon DU, Steeven LABELLE, Dina RASOLONJATOVO and their teams.

The meeting provided an opportunity to review the development of the partnership between the two companies, which since 2022 has seen the deployment of BELORDER’s omnichannel digitisation solutions on AURES kiosks (KRYSTAL, KWARTZ interactive ordering kiosks, etc.) in the restaurant and food-service sectors; the brand names equipped include Black & White, Bolkiri, Alfred Burger, etc.

BELORDER’s expertise includes the development of complete, scalable and flexible kiosk solutions, including management of table orders, click & collect and deliveries, customer loyalty, multiple payment management, not to mention customised applications.

Thanks again to the BELORDER teams for this dynamic and productive morning!