AURES, new GS1 Partner

25 February 2020

AURES Technologies and the AURES LAB – its INNOVATION Division – are proud to join the GS1 Partners Club!

GS1 is a worldwide, neutral and non-profit standardization organization. Created in 1972, its ambition and purpose are to help companies in facilitating their information exchanges, their commercial relationships and in accompanying them in the implementation of their technological innovations.

GS1 standards provide a truly common language that is valid throughout the world, enabling companies to identify, capture and share information between trading partners.

The latter are thus in a position to better sell and digitalize their production, to automatize their processes, transactions and logistics.

The objective is to simplify exchanges, accelerate and secure flows in order to optimize the management of supply and distribution channels, locally and globally.

Today, over 44,000 companies in France and 2 million worldwide use GS1 standards for the implementation of barcode and RFID identification solutions and technologies, electronic catalogues, dematerialized invoices, etc.

GS1 France has also launched projects related to Blockchain and various voice applications for the world of retail.

AURES LAB’s partnership with GS1 Experts’ and Partners’ Club is a real booster for the development of our new RFID solutions and for the innovative turnkey  customised applications that we are now in a position to offer our customers and end-users”.                

Roland BROUTIN – Director of the INNOVATION Division – AURES Technologies