8 June 2023

Swiss Retailer BONGENIE GRIEDER renews its confidence in AURES Group.

The BONGENIE Group’s 30 stores are equipped with SANGO POS terminals – featuring a new motherboard with 11th Generation INTEL processors – and their associated peripherals.

  • An historic national flagship for Fashion and Elegance Retail in Switzerland

Founded in 1891 by the Brunschwig family in Geneva, the BONGENIE GRIEDER Group is an historic national flagship in the Retail, Fashion and Elegance sector in Switzerland (women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear – perfumery and decorative items, etc).

Developed on the model of American department stores, it now manages nearly 30 points of sale and department stores, spread over an area of more than 23,000 m2 in the cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel.

It employs over 500 people and offers a range of premium and luxury products, with brands such as Chanel, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Brunello Cucinelli and many others.

BONGENIE stores promote well-being and lifestyles where it’s good to stroll, meet up, discover and try on clothes and do your shopping. Their identity and brand image favour open, bright spaces, contemporary architecture and atmospheres, with comfortable relaxation areas combined with a wide range of customer services (restaurants and cafés, beauty and nail salons, etc.).

  • Total revamp of the IT system in 2017

In 2017, at a time when the BONGENIE Group’s IT system was being completely overhauled and a new, more open ERP was being introduced, the Retailer’s IT Department also reorganised its entire POS hardware, as the older systems were no longer compatible or able to support the new technological developments.

Vincent STOUPY (IT Director) and Laurent MARTINEZ (IT Project Manager) explain the choice of the AURES Group’s SANGO POS equipment for all BONGENIE stores and outlets.

«In 2017, we couldn’t have implemented our new IT infrastructure without modernising and upgrading our POS terminals » explains Vincent STOUPY.

«Over and above the power, reliability and technological performance required, we were looking for POS equipment that was more stylish, sleek, elegant and ergonomic; it was essential that the checkout areas in our 30 outlets were in line with our style and visual identity – and that the new POS blended in as subtly as possible with our different environments and the spirit of our brand.

«The uncluttered design of the SANGO terminals from AURES Technologies was an instant hit with the 13 members of our IT department » said Laurent MARTINEZ.

«Around a hundred SANGO POS units have been installed, along with a number of YUNO terminals in our restaurants».

  • Evolution and Upgrading of the deployed AURES POS Equipment thanks to the integration of a new Motherboard (11th generation INTEL processor)  for improved performance and reliability

At the request of its client and partner – and in order to upgrade the installed POS systems without having to change the hardware – AURES was able to replace the former motherboards of the terminals with new ones (including INTEL Tiger Lake I3 and I5 processors and NVMe. M2 flash disk in 512 GB x 2).

«The modularity and scalability of AURES hardware is a huge advantage» continues Vincent STOUPY.

«It’s the only POS Manufacturer able to offer such scalability for its systems; the flexibility and durability of AURES POS is therefore a real asset for our obligations and ambitions in terms of eco-responsibility and Green-IT.

The tests conducted with the new motherboard were very positive; it is important to note that our POS solutions operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and that the power and reliability of the machines are imperative; in this respect, we are very satisfied, as the breakdown rates observed with AURES remain virtually zero; furthermore, as our roadmap includes a future switch to SaaS mode, it is important that we are already equipped with high-performance POS terminals capable of supporting the migration in the best possible way».

The SANGO POS terminals deployed are accompanied by their associated peripherals: AURES receipt printers and an optional 2nd touch screen (a digital display solution for managing customer loyalty programmes and in-store promotions).

The installed equipment runs on Windows 10 Enterprise with the Icelandic LS-Retail software platform.

« Since 2017, we have a consistent, functional and scalable IT POS infrastructure, thanks to AURES», concludes Vincent STOUPY; this frees us from a number of constraints and allows us to look to the future with peace of mind. Our plans involve developing a new ecommerce site, combined with the implementation of ever more efficient omni-channel processes, to make our retail business even more visible and guarantee immediate and quick availability of our products».