Combined magnetic cards multi-format readers developed by AURES

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This multi-technology, multi-format reader developed by AURES is compatible with Sango and Yuno POS terminals; it reads standard magnetic cards (MSR), as well as high- and low-frequency RFID, NFC and Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) supports.

A major innovation in the field of point-of-sale terminals, it enables to identify customers – and all POS operators – simply by using no more than a smartphone (BLE or NFC technology), removing any need to recognize users via card or badge hardware.

For example, it is now easier to process customer loyalty operations, making payment receipt more secure, mobile and faster.

AURES supplies all compatible devices – hardware and virtual – for this type of reader: pre-programmed key-tag badges (iClass 2 KB), self-adhesive chips (also pre-programmed) and standard badges (credit-card format), as well as virtual credentials for use with smartphones.

Virtual credentials are secured via encryption keys and managed on remote servers, guaranteeing optimum security for all operations covered.

Apart from the POS sector, this identification technology – used via a smartphone – is also compatible with access-control applications (identifying people at entrances to buildings, staff canteens, etc.).

Model Sango & Yuno MSR/RFID Reader
MSR Reading 3 tracks
NFC and BLE Reading yes (via smartphones)
High-Frequency Reading iClass Seos, iClass, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire 0.6, MIFARE Plus, CEPAS, PUV, FeliCa, other ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693
Low-Frequency Reading HID Prox, AWID Prox, Indala Prox, EM Prox family (E.g Acura),EM4550 (CSN only)
Indicators bi-colour LED (green = ready to use; red = in use)
Output Format Keyboard emulation and CCID and PC/SC mode – configured via web interface
Dimensions (L x P x H) 66 x 49 x 43 mm
Weight 60 g
Associated accessories
and badges (optional extras)
Pre-programmed iClass key tag (2 kB memory)
Self-adhesive chips (pre-programmed)
Standard pre-programmed badges (credit-card format)
Virtual badges (virtual credentials – for smartphones)

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