6 March 2019

By Tamara HASLAM, Sales Director – AURES UK

There was a time when cinemas had a virtual monopoly on screens. But first the infiltration of television into every home, then the arrival of personal computers followed by the rise of tablets and smartphones, have all threatened to take a little shine off the silver screen.

Now, with movie-on-demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Cinema, movie theatres are not even the only option in town for film lovers to catch the latest releases. Up against the convenience of being able to watch a movie when you want, where you want, cinemas have had to get creative in how they maintain a value proposition that keeps customers coming through the door.

Neatly enough, one of the answers is to add more screens.

No, not necessarily more movie screens. We’re talking about more screens in the foyer, in food and drink concessions, at ticket kiosks, on the way into theatres. We’re talking about how cinemas can use digital signage to keep patrons entertained, to make the cinema-going experience more straightforward and seamless with better information sharing, how they can drive revenues with more promotional and cross-selling opportunities.

Here’s a sneak preview of how.

Encourage repeat visits

One thing cinemas have always done is promote upcoming features heavily to encourage customers to keep going back. With digital signage, the movie posters of yesteryear have been given a modern twist – digital screens can now cycle through many different movie adverts one after another, increasing exposure and using space more efficiently.

But the opportunities don’t stop with digital reproductions of movie posters. Large-scale video screens are also widely installed in reception areas and foyers, showing a selection of trailers as customers wait for tickets and snacks. Trailers have a much bigger impact than posters when it comes to encouraging people to come back, so it makes sense to maximise the opportunities visitors have to see them from the moment they walk in the door.

Give customers all the information they need

As a general rule in the leisure trade, the more information you can share with customers, the higher their satisfaction levels will be. If a customer feels empowered from the moment they arrive because they know exactly what the options are, how much everything costs, where they need to go and so on, they are more likely to enjoy the experience.

Digital signage is ideal for displaying everything from show times to snack bar product lists and prices, maps of where the different theatres are located to special offers and loyalty scheme details. It can be displayed big on large screens in prominent places around the premises, perhaps alternating with digital posters, or smaller screens can be used at ticket desks or cafe/bar tills.

Not only will this give customers a more pleasant experience because they will always feel well-informed, it will also promote and drive sales at your concessions, encourage loyalty scheme uptake and inform customers about special events.

Overall, digital signage in cinemas gives operators the ability to meet customer needs and expectations, improving the cinema-going experience with better information sharing and driving revenues and repeat custom with enhanced promotions.

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