22 February 2017

COMPESO uses CinemaCon as its launchpad into the US market and to showcase its partnerships with cinema POS leader AURES Technologies and payments innovator Sthaler

March 27–30, 2017 – Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
Booth 2817A

Munich-based author of ticketing and concession systems COMPESO will be using its booth at the forthcoming CinemaCon convention & trade show to present itself for the first time to the US cinema and theater industry. 

Its solutions will be demonstrated on touchscreen hardware from its partner, global POS manufacturer AURES Technologies.  Also present and included in an integrated solution will be Sthaler, with its ground-breaking Fingopay vein ID recognition system.

Founded in 1984 and now with 2,500 clients, COMPESO ranks as the premier provider of solutions to the German and wider European cinema and theater markets. 

Explains Annette Wagner, Director of Marketing at COMPESO: “Our presence at CinemaCon marks the expansion of our international business outside Europe.  We now feel it is time for us to engage with US operators.  We have a strong proposition for the US market and we want operators to get to know us and understand our smart solutions.  This will be the next step towards COMPESO becoming a truly global brand.”

COMPESO’s WinTICKET solution is modular and can be configured to meet the requirements of theaters and cinemas of all sizes.  Whilst delivering all the front-of-house and back-office processes required by venues today, COMPESO also provides operators with a ‘next generation’ technical roadmap for the future. 

Latest functions include e-ticketing and real-time statistics, and all channels – including mobile apps’ – are supported. Importantly too, WinTICKET comes with all the tools needed for complete business control and profit optimization.

Continues Annette Wagner: “Whilst we focus on the strength and breadth of our software solutions, the cooperation of COMPESO and AURES is a perfect match to provide an integrated solution for the American market.”

Adds Annette Wagner: “We’re great believers in partnership; they’re especially important when penetrating a new market. AURES (through its J2 brand) has been present in the US cinema industry for many years, plus we already share a number of joint clients including one of the world’s premier cinema chains.”

Tamara Haslam, Corporate Executive at AURES Technologies, who is driving the new partnership, comments: “COMPESO’s US launch seems the perfect place to extend our engagement and present an integrated hardware and software solution.  This has many benefits for both prospective new clients and existing clients.  They’ll now be able to work with us as if we were a single entity.”

Introducing a futuristic touch to the product demonstration will be Sthaler. Sthaler is working with both COMPESO and AURES Technologies on the integration of its Fingopay vein ID recognition system, described as ‘the safest, fastest and smartest retail payment system available’.  This innovative system is ideal for large venues such as cinemas where rapid, secure and contactless payments can transform customer service.

The trio will showcase a complete integrated scenario for cinema operators visiting CinemaCon. “We’re putting technology at the heart of our booth experience,” concludes Tamara Haslam. “We’re inviting people to come and meet us, to see the fruits of the COMPESO, Sthaler and AURES collaboration for themselves.”


WinTICKET is COMPESO’s versatile, full-line ticketing system tailor-made for ‘mom-and-pop’ and multiplex operations alike. Using networkable administration and fully-automatic data transfer, the system collects and delivers relevant data ready for analysis at cinema headquarters.

For online ticketing – central to today’s ticketing management in multiplexes – WinTICKET offers customers ready-to-use and customizable solutions, completely adaptable to corporate identity.  COMPESO’s WinTICKET supports Print@Home options, couponing and customer loyalty programmes.

About Sthaler Fingopay –

In 2012 Sthaler delivered Fingopay, the world’s first ACHP CNP (Authenticated Card Holder Present, Card Not Present) payments and point-of-sale system. This system addressed the information, payments security and flexibility required by merchants and consumers and allows consumers to pay for goods and services, to gain entry to events and to manage payments online using just a finger.

The Fingopay reader builds a 3D map of veins, creating a natural personal key. Each finger is unique; the chance of two people having the same vein structure is 3.4 billion-to-1. There is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone’s identity so it’s the most secure and convenient way to protect individuals and their data: passwords, bank and card data, tickets to events, boarding passes. Sthaler is now working with Europe’s biggest financial services companies to deliver larger scale solutions across the UK for high-street retailers and supermarkets.