24 June 2019

TABHOTEL and AURES deliver new customised digital kiosk solutions to the Hotel sector.

Thanks to its partnership with software specialist TABHOTEL, the first AURES kiosks developed for the hospitality sector were deployed at La Folie Douce in Chamonix (a 250-room establishment which opened in December 2018 in the French Alps), in the Skylodge Hotel in Piau-Engaly near Lourdes (France) and in the M3 Hospitality establishment in Ferney (near Geneva in Switzerland).

Further deployments are underway and will be finalised and announced in the coming months.

“We design and manufacture complete Kiosk hardware ranges,” explains Patrick ROSA, Director of the KIOSK Division at AURES; “to make our offer a reality for decision-makers in the Hospitality sector, we have teamed up with a specialist in hotel digitalisation, TABHOTEL.

“The traditional hotel industry is now challenged by a new generation of establishments that give pride of place to new technologies and digital technology,” says Salim GUILLOT TALEB, TABHOTEL’s Sales Director.

“User-friendly and stylish, these new “Hostels” and “Boutique Hotels” break what is considered the norm and target a new clientele. Ultra-connected and familiar with web and self-services available via kiosks and interactive digital signage and display, residents of these new places are aware of the advantages of not having to queue. For example, to make or modify a reservation or order, check-in and check-out, scan and check-in a passport, pay their bill, book a taxi or select leisure activities.

“We are all very satisfied with the partnership established between both companies over the past two years,” adds Franck GEIGER, KIOSK Key Account Sales Manager in AURES France, in charge of developing these various projects with TABHOTEL.

“The custom-made kiosks, integrated furniture and digital reception tables that we design and develop with TABHOTEL allow customers to carry out all their transactions on their own, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They feel less assisted, more autonomous, less dependent on staff and have the feeling of saving precious time by avoiding queues at reception, especially at peak times.”

The KIOSK solutions that equip the above-mentioned establishments consist of elegant modular boxes designed and developed to measure by AURES and TABHOTEL; their main functionalities are self-check-in and out and mobile and web concierge services. They also include optimised complementary services, combined with multiple digital signage and display applications.

Hi-tech, ergonomic and elegant, this digital kiosk equipment brings a very contemporary touch and blends perfectly into the atmosphere and style of these new chic hotels.

Combined with AURES SWING tablets, they provide reception staff with a permanent mobile solution to assist customers who want it, anytime, anywhere – and thus become true ambassadors for connected hotel services.

1st photo : TABHOTEL-AURES interactive kiosks at the M3 Hospitality in Ferney, Switzerland
Each hotel establishment is equipped with an average of 3 to 6 kiosks.
(Copyright Photography: M3 Hospitality website)

2nd photo : AURES-TABHOTEL kiosks in the Hotel “La Folie Douce”
(Chamonix – France)