The Value of Support for Your POS & Why it is so Important

5 July 2022

A POS system has become a vital cog in many retail, hospitality, leisure and entertainment businesses. Having a single integrated solution where you can process all payments and purchases and, amongst other things, automatically update inventory, finance and customer records, helps to create more streamlined, efficient and successful operations. This is why the value of support for your POS is imperative!

It’s a powerful tool to have. The only question when your business leans on such an important system is – what happens if it fails on you?

Modern POS solutions are built to be resilient and reliable. But as with any technology, there’s always the risk of something going wrong. If your POS goes down, your ability to trade is effectively suspended until the issue is fixed.

There have been some high-profile examples underlining just how expensive a POS outage can be to a business. Back in 2015, a widespread POS fault that affected Starbucks outlets across the US and Canada is estimated to have cost the coffee shop chain millions of dollars in lost revenue in a single afternoon.

Similarly, back in 2017, department store Macy’s experienced issues with its credit card machines on Black Friday, the busiest trading day of the year. Not only did the hold up in processing sales lead to lost revenue, it also caused a huge amount of reputational damage as angry shoppers took to social media to complain about the long queues.

Naturally, it makes sense for businesses to do everything they can to avoid such problems with their POS. That’s why making sure your POS partner offers a comprehensive help desk service is so important.

Specialist support on demand

Modern POS systems are pretty complex, sophisticated pieces of tech. If something went wrong with your system, would you or a member of your staff automatically know how to fix it? All kinds of issues could affect how your POS is performing, from software glitches, updates not being configured correctly, hardware faults or problems with your network.

Sure, you might think that if something goes wrong with my POS, I can just look up a local engineer to come take a look at it. But you will probably have to wait a day or two before they can get out to see you, while in the meantime you lose money because you can’t process transactions efficiently, if at all. And you’d be surprised how expensive a call-out technician can be.

All of this just strengthens the case for making help desk support a priority when choosing your POS partner. The best POS vendors these days make aftercare and long-term relationships their business, because they understand that ongoing performance is essential to delivering strong ROI to their clients.

Value of Support

At AURES UK, our aim is to provide both well-rounded services to complement our products and valuable pre and post purchase assistance. A range of made-to-measure and turnkey servicing solutions are available, providing fast
reaction times, local assistance and flexible service options. In the UK, they include:

Consulting, staging, decommissioning, asset tracking, real time POS monitoring, customised onsite support and warranty.

We also partner with ARC Services UK who offer a comprehensive field service and support package that acts as an extension of our installation offer. Any problems you have with your POS, our friendly team will assist you by troubleshooting in the first instance. Then if required, we offer next business day dispatch to get a qualified technician on site to fix things for you. This way we make sure all of our customers get the maximum value and support from their system.