Tap to Pay Preferred

3 August 2022

In a world where more and more retail, hospitality and leisure venues are becoming cashless sites it seems “Tap to Pay” is actually looking like the preferred method of payment.

According to Statista Debit cards were the most popular method used for POS transactions in the UK in 2021, accounting for 45% of transactions. This was far higher than cash payments, which accounted for 11% of card present transactions during 2021.

Credit and debit cards along with e-wallets, google pay and much more are all proving to be very popular. Payment limits are frequently increasing on these methods too, which means that paying with a smart watch or mobile phone is also easier than ever before – therefore often no cards are needed at all!

Which solution do you need?

So regardless of if you are a small fashion store, medium sized restaurant or a large-scale leisure venue, having the right technology solutions in place is so important. But what is there to choose from, and what is the right fit for your business?

Self Service Kiosks not only break down queues of customers quicker and easier with very little input from a member of staff, they also take payments quickly and easily at the tap of a card or the input of a pin number. No cash required on the customers behalf and no cashing up at the close of business from a member of staff. The simple click of a button and everything is managed for you. Kiosks can also increase order size by 25% vs traditional ordering methods and it gives the customer full control helping to create a much more enjoyable customer experience.

Mobile POS devices are also a great idea particularly in a restaurant setting. Not only can your staff take orders efficiently at the table, they can instantly send them through to the kitchen and even take “Tap to Pay” payments there and then.

Many stores and venues that use all-in-one EPOS systems are switching to “Tap to Pay” payments too. With the right software it can speed up transactions and the time it takes for cashing up at the end of the day. It also takes away the need for the cash drawer which can often take up a lot of valuable space.

Need a little help?

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