21 March 2018

By Paul Hudson, Business Development Manager, AURES UK

Theft and fraud can have a major impact on a business’s bottom line, especially if not properly safeguarded against. Retail crime in the UK is estimated to cost companies more than £600m per year. There are things you can do to increase shop security, especially when it comes to your EPoS system.

Along with the direct financial threats your business may face, the ever-increasing data security requirements of the payment card industry may open your company up to fines or lawsuits if you are not following their prescribed guidelines for processing payments in a safe and secure manner.

Below are some of the ways that your EPoS system can improve security in your shop, if implemented correctly:

Secure servers – Cloud computing makes it possible to create an inexpensive and easy-to-use POS system that offers enterprise-grade security and redundancy. Other benefits include being able to consolidate data from all sales platforms in one place. Strong encryption, regularly updated software, antivirus, and proper authentication protocols all help keep your customer’s data safe and secure in the Cloud.

Point to point encryption – This means that customer data goes directly to processor without entering the cloud or being stored on your system in plain text, minimizing chances of hackers intercepting the data.

Mobile device security – Mobile POS tablets and other devices are portable, small and easy to steal. Many businesses are turning to tablets for a mobile POS solution, but the right features are essential for maintaining security. Look for devices with retractable security locks that require multi-step authentication to remove from docking stations or poles, as well as built-in system lock down in the event of loss or theft.

Video surveillance integration – It’s an unfortunate fact that some theft in your business is likely to be happening internally, in the form of employees giving away free products to friends and family, or voiding transactions to pocket money for themselves. Having an ongoing and synchronised video feed of every transaction that goes through your POS can act as a deterrent to would-be unscrupulous staff, as well as creating red flags for you to inspect more closely as a supervisor, manager or owner.

When combined with real-time inventory monitoring for patterns of shrinkage that may indicate theft, video surveillance can help quickly identify if the threat is internal or external.

Electronic signature capture – If your business deals with a large number of on-account payments, capturing signatures electronically can be helpful for a number of reasons. It improves transaction times and reduces the amount of paperwork and filing that staff are required to complete. It also provides an easily accessible and searchable audit trail. Being able to easily retrieve signatures provides companies with recourse in the event of customer disputes or chargebacks.

Serial number tracking – While it may be less useful for the average shop, having integrated tracking for serial numbers can be helpful for businesses that sell large, high value items such as car dealerships. POS can help keep track of individual assets in your inventory and keep track of their exact location.

Improve Your Security with POS Today

AURES can help boost your shop security with their line of EPoS products, as well as a line of services to help with every part of the process. This includes consulting, staging, installation, and more.