16 October 2019

By Caitlin GUILFOYLE AURES UK Account Manager

Retail is changing and it is happening quickly. As technology advances and the new generation of customers come into the mix their wants, needs and desires are hitting the retail industry and the changes are imminent.

Mobile devices have been around a long time now and the advances in their technology change from one month to the next. What the customer wants they usually get, and with that in mind retailers need to think ahead of the game and be a step ahead with new technology!

We have heard many cool advances coming into play that make the customer experience a little easier and even more fun, but for the retailer it need not be a chore to step ahead.

The modern customer wants a quick and easy service. Regardless if they are ordering food, buying a ticket for a film or purchasing the latest fashion trends they want it done quickly and without any hiccups.

EPOS technology is always changing to accommodate these demands from the customer. We provide super-efficient self-service kiosks to allow people to order their own food in fast food chains. We have self-checkouts in our supermarkets and cinemas and we have Mobile POS units deployed on the shop floor of our fashion stores.

Ease of use

The ease of use is the most important factor for the end user. They don’t want to have to find themselves asking for a member of staffs help, after all it defeats the object of being able to self-serve. Easy mobile apps to order pretty much anything which sync up with the instore stock management systems is a great way for customers to be able to pick what they want and order if they are instore or not.

Mobile POS units instore allows staff to help customers place orders quickly and easily without having to even join a queue, it allows them to look up stock and even move stock from other stores. Not only is it convenient for the staff but it in some cases helps to “save the sale”. When a customer cannot find their size on the shelf for example those using the Mobile units can look up the stock and really help the customer find what they are after and place the order there and then.

Customer Loyalty & Mobile Retailing

Mobile POS and secondary displays at the POS give the retailer the perfect opportunity to get sign ups. Sign ups to loyalty schemes which help to keep the customer coming back. It can be the quick input on the secondary display touch screen at the till, it could be by the member of staff on the shop floor with the M-POS terminal or it could be online or in the retailers APP. Capturing that all-important data is key!

Increased Mobile Payments

Customers are carrying less and less cash with them these days. ATM cash machines are in reducing numbers due to how people make payments. It would appear there is less of a need for cash these days and people prefer to use technology of one description or another to make payments! Smart watches, mobile phones and tablets are all on the up according to PPRO research, 45% of global e-commerce transactions are completed on a mobile device. From Europe to Asia, we are seeing very high adoption of e-commerce being completed on a mobile device, at 43% for Western Europe and 55% for the APAC region.

To find out more how you can introduce Mobile POS to your business please  contact Caitlin Guilfoyle on 01928 530 136.