6 February 2019

By Tamara HASLAM – Sales Director, AURES UK

Screens have come a long way in point of sale systems. From small cash till displays that were limited to showing the numerical details of the transaction, the modern touchscreen interface has become the window to the wonderful world of integrated EPOS, putting the transformative power of cutting-edge software quite literally at our fingertips.

While that has helped to increase exponentially the resources available to the sales assistant using the EPOS system, the touchscreen has also been central to another perhaps even more profound revolution in point of sale – directly empowering the customer.

Customer-facing touchscreen displays like the AURES OLC Touch 10.1 are designed specifically to improve customer relationship management. Their impact is to make transactions more interactive and customer-driven, helping to improve information sharing, increase choice and put service in the consumer’s hands.

Due to a unique combination of operational priorities, including the challenges of reducing waiting times, streamlining ticketing and integrating hospitality and retail functions, cinemas can benefit considerably from deploying customer touchscreens as part of their EPOS estate. Here are five key reasons why.

Seat selection

One sure-fire way to make film fans feel valued and in control of their cinema experience is to give them the option to choose their own seats from those available. This has become the norm in online purchases of everything from concert and theatre tickets to airline seats, so it is ticking the right boxes in terms of what customers expect. A customer-facing touchscreen with seat availability displayed visually makes selection fast and straightforward.

Pre-ordering snacks

One of the friction points of the cinema-going experience is having to buy tickets and then queue all over again to buy snacks. With an integrated EPOS system, snack options can be displayed and selected from a customer touchscreen at the same time as tickets are purchased. With a printed receipt, the purchase can be redeemed from the snack bar or mobile vendors any time the customer chooses, without having to repeat the transaction process.

Maximise marketing opportunities

Cinema operators know all about the power of advertising forthcoming features to film fans. With customer-facing screens at EPOS, operators can make full use of the typically dynamic and engaging blockbuster previews in the ticket hall as well as the auditorium, maximising exposure to drive repeat visits as well as entertaining patrons as they queue. In addition, screens can be used to promote special offers on tickets, loyalty schemes and cross-sell snacks and beverages – anything the business wants to market, in fact.

Loyalty schemes and data capture

In today’s mobile age, loyalty schemes of all types are increasingly being run through branded apps, SMS and email notifications and scan-and-go redemption. However, getting people to sign up schemes remains key, and there is nothing like the ‘in the moment’ opportunities you get at point of sale. Asking a customer if they are interested in joining a discount club one-to-one as they buy a ticket, or promoting it on a self-service kiosk, enjoys a good chance of getting a positive answer. Having a customer-facing screen where they can immediately type in their details to join further increases the conversion rate, as it makes everything so simple and convenient.

Similarly, customer-facing screens offer fantastic opportunities for data capture and customer feedback. If there is a screen ready and waiting for someone to sign up to an e-newsletter or complete a quick survey, they are much more likely to say yes because they can see it will be a quick, straightforward and hassle-free experience.