AURES is already a young thirty-year-old!  Created in 1989, the Group will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year; this is no small feat.

Thanks to your trust and loyalty, we have been able to pursue a smooth development; we are happy and proud to support you for so long and to be part of the “club” of the leading POS manufacturers in our sectors, internationally.

Thanks to the technological excellence of our equipment and our constantly renewed ability to offer ever more innovative and exclusive designs, we exceeded €100 million in annual sales at the end of 2018.

Notable events occurred last year, the result of strategic decisions that are important for the Group’s future:

– In North America, AURES has completed the acquisition of RTG (Retail Technology Group Inc), a major player in POS IT services and maintenance (hardware and software) across the Atlantic; strengthening our positions and skills in these areas will be a key element of our future growth and success, in the USA and elsewhere.

– AURES has also made a remarkable entry into the interactive kiosk sector, with an investment in the CJS-PLV Company and its manufacturing tool in France ; with this operation, our KIOSK Division is now able to offer a complete, tailor-made and turnkey kiosk offer – positioning us as a fully-fledged POS, Mobile POS and KIOSK IT manufacturer; being able to support customers and partners in all their needs to optimise and harmonise their customer journey, with a diversified offer of perfectly complementary and “seamless” hardware solutions at the point of sale is now an absolute necessity.

– The emergence of connected commerce, omni-channel and mobility are major challenges: being able to support the evolution or IT transformation projects of our POS and KIOSK customers and partners is essential; this is why we have decided to create an Innovation Division. As a gateway between our various departments, it will help us anticipate and meet the challenges of changing purchasing habits. Being present throughout the customer journey with a global offer composed of integrated or mobile POS equipment and connected kiosks, using new technologies such as RFID and NFC, is indeed totally in line with the ambitions of the AURES Group.

– These major projects would be nothing without our ability to regularly renew and complete – at least every two years – our POS/KIOSK hardware solutions offer: 2019 is already a year rich in new products, with for example the arrival of the JAZZ and TWIST ranges, new exclusive AURES concepts and designs that have once again shaken up received ideas.

Thank you again for your constancy and loyalty over the long term; we hope to be able to continue to satisfy you for many more years and of course remain at your disposal.

CEO and founder of the AURES Group