26 January 2017

Treehouses, zip wires, jungle bridges, boat trips, marsh walks, not to mention a cast of fantasy characters, all make Norfolk-UK based BeWILDerwood like no other visitor attraction.  Describing itself as ‘a huge award-winning forest of family fun and outdoor adventure’, this amazing place is the physical realisation of a land created in the novels of children’s author, Tom Blofeld.  Tom grew up here and remembers creating a make-believe world as he explored.  

In 2007, Tom opened the 50-acre woodland park to the public.  Its success was instant and, approaching 10 years later, BeWILDerwood remains one of the UK’s most engaging and most visited family days out.

Bleep software on our new YUNOs has increased our transaction speed.  At peak times in particular, we can process more sales in the same space of time, keeping queues low and service levels high.”
Rachael Seaman, Seller of all things WILD and Wonderful

The Challenge

Since the summer of 2009, BeWILDerwood has invested in EPoS technology across the venue.  While specialised systems have been running catering and ticketing operations satisfactorily, by early 2016 the team felt that the solution serving the retail store, The Bizarre Bazaar, needed updating. 

In addition to finding this particular system over-engineered, somewhat confusing and expensive to run, there were issues with out-of-date credit card machines.  The decision was made to go out to market.  The aim was to find a new EPoS supplier whose solution met BeWILDerwood’s operating needs more closely and who could provide the needed hardware upgrade.

An evaluation of available options led the team to Bleep Computing. “Their system had everything we needed with potential for more such as a customer relationship module and support for an online shop. We also found the back office easy to use. Bleep’s reporting module is extensive, with easily-adaptable standard formats and a user-friendly report writer,” explains Rachael Seaman.

The Benefits

  • The neat and compact YUNOs create useful space and make counters look less cluttered;
  • Bleep software and touchscreen terminals provide a system that is more straightforward to use;
  • Sales transaction times are now reduced.  More clients can be processed with less queuing, so service is better, especially at peak times;
  • There’s been a real improvement in payment processing, with debit, credit and contactless cards plus Apple Pay all supported;
  • Purchasing and stock management are more streamlined and more efficient;
  • Reporting is now very comprehensive, adaptable to the team’s needs, and gives a real-time view of stock and trading performance.

The Solution

In late May 2016, Bleep software together with the latest touchscreen terminals, YUNOs from AURES Technologies, were installed in the Bizarre Bazaar retail outlet.  Infrastructure, installation, configuration and training were all handled by consultants under the watchful eye of Phil Chapman, Project & Commercial Manager at Bleep Computing.

“Installation ran very smoothly,” says Rachael Seaman. “The tills went in quickly and without a hiccup.  The end result was very tidy too, with good clips for the wires making everything super neat.  Whilst Bleep installed the machines on this occasion, I’ve every confidence I would be able to complete an installation without assistance.”

She not only finds the fanless YUNOs very quiet but also praises their compactness.  “They’re neat compact machines with a smaller footprint than their predecessors.  They make the counters look less cluttered and we now have a larger serving space which is very welcome.”

The tills’ reliability and performance is also good.  “We had a few teething problems with the card machines at the start which was mainly down to poor and slow internet connection.  Since these issues have been resolved, the tills function perfectly.” 

BeWILDerwood staff evidently coped well with the transition to Bleep, finding the system very easy to use at point-of-sale.  “I agree with them and personally find Bleep much more straightforward than other retail EPoS systems I’ve used. The touchscreen is excellent,” comments Rachael Seaman.

Most importantly, with the Bleep system speed of service has improved and more shoppers can be processed.  “Transaction time is much reduced when compared to our previous system, which was particularly slow with card transactions and receipt printing.  We can now keep queuing time to a minimum.” 

In the payments area, there has been a marked improvement since Bizarre Bazaar upgraded to Bleep software and YUNO terminals.  “We have fully-integrated Verifone card machines that enable us to accept debit and credit card payments.  We can now also process contactless cards and accept Apple Pay.”

Rachael Seaman and her colleagues find Bleep back-office software simple to navigate. “The reporting module is excellent, very adaptable to our needs.  Stock management and stock transfers are much easier to do, and that includes tracking historic transfers,” she says.

“When it comes to accounts management, the inputting of orders, deliveries and invoices is very straightforward,” she adds.

BeWILDerwood now uses Bleep to purchase shop merchandise.  “All our purchases are put onto the system then when stock items arrive on site I use the purchase order to book in the delivery and assign the invoice.  Everything’s in one place on the back office, which is really helpful.”

Bleep is also used for stock management and stock transfers.  “I can see stock levels for an individual product, for an entire department or for all products at the same time at the click of a few buttons.”

When asked about the management information that can be derived from the new system, Rachael Seaman is full of praise. “Reporting is excellent.  A huge bank of reports comes with the software, all of them editable, so we can change the layout, add new elements or remove unwanted elements.”

“Bleep consultants have also been excellent in writing a few new reports for us and arranging for some to be saved on a weekly basis and others to be sent via email to me and to our general manager on a daily basis.  It’s great to be able to run reports while the shop is trading and see sales performance in real-time with figures that are accurate and up-to-date,” she concludes.

About YUNO

Yuno is a fanless, compact, high-performance EPoS system for point-of-sale and service in any sector. The flexible hardware adapts to 30 possible product combinations to suit a wide range of POS needs and configurations.  Two screen formats (15” and 15.6” wide-aspect ratio) complement a robust yet stylish design. VESA options allow for wall or pole installation in addition to traditional stand mounting; a simple touchscreen monitor version works as a kiosk unit.

The precise multi-touch projected capacitive (PCAP) screen is shockproof and scratchproof.  YUNO’s fanless design ensures its 2.5’’ 64 GB solid state drive remains dust-free; ideal for harsh retail environments. Energy-efficient processors and a heat-dissipating aluminium structure keep the unit cool and its carbon footprint low.  YUNO users can expect reliable and enduring performance and value for money: a good long-term investment.

About Bleep Computing

Bleep Computing is a leader in retail technology, offering proven solutions for new and expanding retail businesses.  As the first port of call for EPoS and ecommerce, the company specialises in single and multiple-outlet retail stores, online businesses, fashion retail and visitor attractions.

At the hub of the retailer’s business for over 30 years, Bleep Computing services a range of clients, from large retail chains using 800 Bleep POS units to smaller stores that need just one. All personnel have the retail expertise to support the client’s day-to-day needs. For online retailers, Bleep’s web solutions offer seamless ecommerce integration.