22 October 2019

The idea behind USB-C is a simple one. You have one type of cable, one type of port, and through them you connect everything you need. AURES is one of the first POS hardware manufacturers to integrate USB-C technology into its products. Universal, upgradable, fast and powerful, USB-C offers many advantages for point of sale systems, because a single cable can simultaneously connect power, computer data, audio and video streams.

Gone are the days of sorting through an unwanted mess of cables which are both ugly and often a source of instability.  USB-C technology uses very small and totally reversible connectors, which makes all connections much easier.

Far less cables!

The great strength of USB-C technology lies in its versatility, since it’s capable of simultaneously transmitting computer data, video and audio streaming, even energy via a single cable.

USB-C is not a new protocol. It’s based on a new type of connector that can accommodate the USB protocol as well as others – such as HDMI for example, which can be used for connecting a secondary digital display on the back of POS main screen without additional wiring. It is therefore important to distinguish between the USB-C connector and the data that goes through the cable.

USB-C is universal

Because USB-C is universal, so you can have the same connector at both ends of the cable. Everything can be transferred via USB-C, which means that all current connectors can eventually be replaced. 

Image, sound, data, everything is transmitted simultaneously and in real time, including the electrical power needed to recharge systems. The standard is also upgradable and can therefore be adapted to new protocols in the future. 

USB type C is completely reversible

Another advantage of USB-C connectors is their total reversibility, which considerably simplifies all types of connections. There are countless times when the cable, key, USB and or memory card reader appear in the wrong position!


Another advantage of USB-C is the very small size of the connectors, which are only 8.4 x 2.6 mm.  Thanks to their ultra-small dimensions, they can be easily and discreetly integrated into all types of equipment.

At AURES Technologies, USB-C integration in the latest POS products not only reduces the number of cables and secures connectivity and equipment, but also considerably improves the aesthetic appearance of the systems.

The same goes for associated peripherals, which can be easily fixed on the sides of AURES terminals. Thanks to USB-C technology, peripherals can be much more discreetly placed on or near the POS system.  

Speed and power

USB-C is generally based on USB 3.1, a standard that offers higher transfer speeds with larger bandwidth. USB-C USB 3.1 is more powerful, reaching up to 20 volts and 5 amps, a potential power of 100 watts.  This added power allows users to recharge equipment and devices much faster without an external power supply.  USB-C technology is now available with AURES JAZZ and TWIST POS terminals, as well as the JAZZSCO countertop kiosk.

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