7 March 2018

If your business isn’t currently using a mobile POS solution, you’re simply missing out. You don’t have to move away from the stationary terminal but add in a mobile POS unit and you could be increasing the level of service you offer your customers and therefore taking advantage of increased productivity.

Mobile POS solutions don’t just allow you to take payments via different PCI compliant Pin Entry Devices (PED), but also check prices, stock, and offer customer loyalty programs directly from your tablet or other mobile device.

Below are our top reasons to implement a mobile POS solution in your business today.

Save the Sale by Decreasing Waiting Times!

Mobile POS allows your sales team to take payment from customers directly around the shop, at their seat/table or even on entry to your venue, instead of having to send them to queue up at the tills. By taking payments via a PED connected to your mobile POS solution you can reduce queues and therefore avoid the chance to lose the sale! With fewer employees needed to staff tills, more time can be spent on the shop floor making sales to those customers who previously may have just walked away, the diners getting annoyed at waiting for the bill or those in huge queues at your venue awaiting entry.

In a restaurant setting, the payment process is the last part of your interaction with a customer that they will remember. Not receiving the bill promptly is a common annoyance for customers, but now mobile POS can help. It allows customers to conveniently pay right at their table, without having to catch the eye of the waiting staff and wait whilst they fetch the bill. A mobile system will also allow orders to be input by the server right at the tableside and instantly transmitted directly to the kitchen, improving efficiency between the front of house staff and those in the kitchen.

Versatility and Portability

Mobile POS devices such as the AURES SWING and the iRUGGY offer a multitude of functions and features. They don’t just provide portable payments options via a multi-format reader but also omni-channel customer experiences, price and stock management solutions, customer loyalty programmes, product presentations and much more.

Our Mobile POS solutions are rugged enough to handle daily use. They are also ergonomic enough for staff to carry and use through the duration of a full shift, without having to abandon them to go and charge them up time and time again like many others that are available on the current market.

The SWING even comes with the exclusive AURES’ POGO system – a magnetic attachment and connection module featuring built-in motorized, retractable security locks – for automatic positioning and centering on all its various stands: adjustable full docking station, mini-pole or wall mount. As a mobile device, the SWING provides permanent wireless connection to smartphones and all EPOS tools & peripherals (e.g. to optimize management of omni-channel customer loyalty programmes).

Special Events

If your business is having a promotion or sale, you may want to add additional checkout options without spending money to purchase more stationary POS equipment. Mobile POS provides a cheaper and more convenient solution for annual sales or other large events that will see a significant influx of customers for a short period. 

Equally attending events, shows and exhibitions where you may sell products directly to your end user, operating a mobile POS solution is a great way to sell on the go! Many payment providers allow for a seasonal subscription, allowing you to use mobile POS during busy seasons for a small fee, rather than having to purchase the systems outright that you may not need for the rest of the year.

Improve Order Accuracy

Customer orders can be taken right on the spot and input directly in an electronic format.

In restaurants, this means no more transferring information from handwritten notes into the POS system manually. The more times that information needs to be transcribed, the greater the likelihood of an error.

This is especially useful for dealing with any special requests or dietary restrictions, as it means the information goes direct to the kitchen. It also speeds things up, as cooks can begin making the food as soon as the order is placed, instead of waiting for information to be walked back by the waiting staff. Not only will your customers be more satisfied with faster food preparation and fewer errors, but it will also reduce food waste for your business.

In a retail setting it also allows you to combine the channels in which you sell. For example, you may have a customer wishing to buy an item of clothing you do not have in store but which is available to purchase online. Mobile POS enables your sales team to sell via your website whilst the customer is still in your store. Previously the customer may have been told to “try online” leaving them to walk out empty handed, have time to either change their minds en-route home or even via your competitor’s store.

Better Customer Service

Instead of having designated cashiers, you can clear your tills and turn them into sales consultants. Customers will appreciate more staff on the shop floor to help answer questions or help make decisions. In this way, mobile POS can set your business apart from the competition as providing exceptional customer service.

Once the customer is ready to make a purchase, it can be handled directly by the salesperson without having to pass them over to another member of staff on the main stationary tills. This allows for better rapport during the purchase process, helping to close sales faster and allow for seamless upsells.

Having a number of readily available staff on the shop floor focusing on service alone provides something tangible to customers that they can’t receive from shopping online. This will in turn give the customer a great shopping experience and increase repeat custom also leading to better brand loyalty.

Mobile Reporting

Your management staff can track sales and manage staff from anywhere on site or even remotely. Analyse performance in real time to make changes at the tap of a button and keep your business ticking over smoothly.

Whether you need a standalone mobile POS solution or a multi-format reader for MSR and RFID, NFC or Bluetooth, AURES can help build you a solution that works.

Considering implementing a mobile POS solution?

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