7 March 2018

If your business isn’t currently using a mobile POS solution, you’re missing out. You could be taking advantage of the increased productivity, improved order accuracy, and faster processing that mobile POS offers. Mobile POS solutions don’t just allow you to take payments, but also update digital signage, check prices or stock, and offer customer loyalty programs directly from your tablet or other mobile device.

Below are five top reasons to implement a mobile POS solution in your business today.

Decrease Wait Time

Mobile POS allows sales associates to take payment from customers directly around the shop, instead of having to send them to a checkout register. This reduces congestion at the front end of the shop, and allows payments to be made faster. With fewer employees needed to staff registers, more can be on the sales floor to providing service and answering questions.

In a restaurant setting, the payment process is the last part of your interaction with a customer that they will remember. Not receiving the bill promptly is a common annoyance for customers, but luckily mobile POS can help. Allow customers to conveniently pay right at their table instead of waiting in a long queue at the register. A mobile system will also allow orders to be input by the server right at the tableside and instantly transmitted directly to the kitchen.

Special Events

If your business is having a promotion or sale, you may want to add additional checkout options without spending money to purchase more stationary POS equipment. Mobile POS provides a cheap and convenient solution for annual sales or other large events that will see a significant influx of customers for a short period.

It’s also a great option for promotions such as a table offering free samples. By having a payment option available right at the display, you can make sales on the spot to interested customers that are ready to buy right away, rather than having them carry the product up to the checkout with other items and possibly change their mind.

Many payment providers allow for a seasonal subscription, allowing you to use mobile POS during busy seasons for a small fee, rather than having to purchase the systems outright that you may not need for the rest of the year.

Freedom to Take Payments Anywhere

Mobile POS provides an excellent solution for smaller business owners and entrepreneurs who may not have a physical storefront location. Perhaps you need to quickly set up and take down a display at your local farmer’s market, or maybe you’re a hairdresser who makes house calls. Mobile POS is an excellent way to take payments on the go without having to transport heavy and expensive payment equipment.

Even if you have a physical storefront, in the warmer months you may want to extend a sale outside of your business. Mobile POS lets you make sales at displays set up in your parking lot without requiring customers to go into the store. If your company has multiple store locations, you can also share devices between stores on an as-needed basis during special events.

Improve Order Accuracy

Customer orders can be taken right on the spot and input directly in an electronic format.

In restaurants, this means no more transferring information from handwritten notes into the POS system manually. The more times that information needs to be transcribed, the greater the likelihood of an error.

This is especially useful for dealing with any special requests or dietary restrictions, as it means the information goes direct to the kitchen. It also speeds things up, as cooks can begin making the food as soon as the order is placed, instead of waiting for information to be walked back by the server. Not only will your customers be more satisfied with faster food preparation and fewer errors, but it will also reduce food waste for your business.

Better Customer Service

Instead of having designated cashiers, you can clear your registers and turn them into sales consultants. Customers will appreciate more staff on the floor to help answer any questions or help make decisions. In this way, mobile POS can set your business apart from the competition as providing exceptional customer service.

Once the customer is ready to make a purchase, it can be handled directly by the salesperson without having to trade them off to another staff member. This allows for better rapport during the purchase process, helping to close sales faster and allow for seamless upsells.

Having a number of readily available staff members focusing on service alone provides something tangible to customers that they can’t receive from shopping online.

Ready to Take Your POS Mobile?

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