5 March 2017

YUNO from AURES dazzles at SUNPOINT

Whilst SUNPOINT may already lead the German tanning market, it is not about to stop there. This successful franchise business continues to evolve by offering an extensive range of beauty treatments and consultations. The target market is individuals who take care of their health and their appearance. 

When it came to store design, SUNPOINT applied the same mantra, seeking a solution that looked good and delivered great performance.

The limited multi-store capabilities of SUNPOINT’s existing cash register system prompted the company to find a new software solution. The plan was to install new EPoS terminals firstly in SUNPOINT stores, then in external franchise stores. The new hardware needed to be attractively designed to fit in with the new store concept.  

Cyberdyne IT GmbH, leading IT partner, and DATAreform GmbH, one of the leading software providers in the hotel, catering and wellness industry, took on the challenge. As well as providing an attractive design, they had to meet specifications of compactness, sustainability and profile. Most importantly, the new system needed to be flexible and functional enough to drive a multi-store business.

As the sun beds are controlled directly from the point-of-sale system, an appropriate interface needed to be created to handle this process.  

SUNPOINT was also intent on being able to capture, update and synchronise customer data from across all its branches as the mechanism for marketing campaigns and coupon-based promotions, driven via barcode scanners.

Aware of AURES Technologies’ reputation for point-of-sale terminal design, quality and service, DATAreform contacted the manufacturer. “Our experience of AURES has been that it’s always willing to listen to our requirements and it provides great service,” says Timo Hönes, Managing Director of DATAreform. “This has been the case, once again, with SUNPOINT.”

The new EPOS terminals needed to be compact and neat, with as few cables as possible visible. They also needed to look upmarket, in line with the fresh new SUNPOINT store environment.

Continues Timo Hönes: “It quickly became clear that the YUNO touchscreen was the benchmark, as it combined modern, ergonomic technology, innovative features and beautiful design.   SUNPOINT was also impressed by YUNO’s price-performance.”

Marcus Hanf, Managing Director of SUNPOINT, states: “It was really important for us to have fanless EPoS terminals to reduce the inevitable problems caused by hair and fluff.” The projected capacitive touchscreen (PCT) was also a hit with SUNPOINT employees.

140 YUNOs have now been installed across SUNPOINT stores, along with integrated barcode scanners for product sales and marketing initiatives.  Staff use a Dallas key system to log in, and YUNOs come with a mag stripe reader to process store cards.

The Franchise branches will now also be equipped progressively to give them the same modern, sleek design. “We’re extremely impressed with the YUNOs and the roll-out. Working with AURES again was definitely the right decision,” concludes Marcus Hanf.