14 March 2016

“This new EuroCIS 2016 edition resulted in a tremendous and unequalled success for the AURES Brand in Germany”, explains Hilmar Buchwald, Head of the AURES Group for Germany and the European German speaking regions.

“This year was very special; we definitely reached a major step in terms of Brand recognition on our markets; our stand was crowded, all the time, and the AURES name, together with its range of high design – high technology POS products (for example new integrated RFID / NFC readers) are now well established; our Label, our corporate values and fundamentals – as a major global hardware manufacturer of high quality products – are now very well received and understood, by all our partners and customers, including resellers, integrators, but also the most famous retail brands.

Now, our reputation allows us to attract major Retail Names, such as Zalando, Wörhl, Sunpoint, Engelbert Strauss, (and many others!) who spontaneously come to us when considering new IT projects development; we are really proud of these achievements”.