It’s Time We Talked About POS Style

5 April 2022

Appearances matter in business. From branding to your website to product design to premises, by now it is well established that strong aesthetics make a difference to your bottom line.

In customer-facing industries like retail and hospitality, it’s a simple equation. The better your store or restaurant or hotel looks, the more comfortable your customers will feel. That translates into higher spend and more repeat business.

Corporations shell out big bucks getting their premises looking just right. In retail, store design has been shown to achieve a 40% increase in sales above targets, through a combination of clever floor layouts, merchandising and improving the overall look and feel. 

On the flipside, 64% of consumers say they have walked out of a store because of poor physical appearance.

In the modern digital age, we can understand the influence of premises design on consumers in the same way data tells us web and app design influences eCommerce behavior. Just as is the case online, if a store or restaurant creates a good vibe, if it’s easy for the customer to navigate their way around, if they find everything convenient and simple, they are more likely to report a positive experience.

Positive experiences translate into an elevated intention to buy. We’re working at the level of emotions here. To put it simply, when things look and feel good, people are happy, and happy customers are spending customers.

Fitting POS into your aesthetic

So what’s the role of POS design in all of this? A lot of the discussion around POS solutions nowadays focuses on software and all the many integrated features it offers. When hardware is discussed, it’s through the lens of functionality – the speed and processing power, the quality of the touchscreen. In short, how good an interface it provides to the software.

But at AURES, we’ve always put an equal emphasis on the other side of hardware design – how it looks as well as how it performs. After all, you can’t hide POS terminals, screens and kiosks away. They have to be there on full view, ready and available to use.

When we know the look and feel of your space makes such a difference to customers, the last thing you want is ugly POS hardware clashing with your carefully crafted aesthetic.

That’s why we’ve always built products to look stylish, not just work great. Without any compromise on performance, we strive to make every POS we sell attractive and flexible enough to work across a range of settings. We design them to be compact, to maximize use of space or take up minimal real estate in your premises. We offer multiple mounting options as standard, different colors, different ways to position and access units.

In a sector where so much attention is placed on the technology side, this gives AURES a point of difference. Our clients trust us to produce POS solutions that help to transform the customer experience – not just by how they operate, but by how they look, too.