26 September 2017

by Richard Heitmann, Sales Director

When the pace of retail is fast and furious, preventive maintenance often gets overlooked. When something breaks, we fix it. But when it comes to high value business assets like your POS system, when something goes wrong, it’s already too late. Downtime equals lost productivity, lost sales and lost profits.

Your POS system is the heart of your business, operating all day, every day your business is open. Constant use creates inevitable wear and tear, which will inevitably impact performance if left unaddressed.

Like going to your doctor for a routine check-up, preventative maintenance of your POS system proactively ensures that everything is in top working order. It means having a trained technician perform a system check-up at fixed intervals of time. This stops potential problems before they escalate and keeps your system fine-tuned and performing optimally.

Here are five reasons a preventative maintenance contract can protect your POS system investment.

1.  Extended Lifecycle

The more regularly your POS system is serviced, the longer it will last. In the long term, this will reduce your capital expenditure by extending the working life of your system.

2.  Improved Efficiency

It’s important to keep on top of software updates to make sure your system performs at its best. The network also needs configuring to prevent slowdowns and ensure components work properly with the rest of the system

3.  Improved Performance

No system maintains an optimum level of performance indefinitely. Over time, little glitches and faults start to build up and can impact transaction speed. Regular preventative maintenance returns a system to that ‘just new’ state, optimizing performance and helping to prevent downtime. 

4.  Protected Profitability

Your POS system enables your business to function. Downtime equals lost sales and lost revenue. Preventative system maintenance can therefore be viewed as protecting your profitability, by insuring you can continue to effectively serve your customers.

5.  Peak Period Performance

All retailers have periods of peak activity such as Christmas, summer holidays, back to school and other high-revenue times. As revenue generated during these peak periods contributes to the lion’s share of annual profits, a system failure can be catastrophic. Servicing your POS system ahead of these peak times greatly reduces the risk of downtime, and ensures your POS system will perform at its very best.

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