Peak Season Customer Experience: How to Make It Work

30 November 2022

Here are a few tips to help you stand out from your competitors during this year’s peak shopping season:

1. Make sure your staff are well-trained in the use of any new technology you introduce, such as a new Self-Service Kiosk, so they can offer help or dice when needed.

2. Offer customers more ways to pay than just cash – if they have to queue for 20 minutes to pay for their purchases then the transaction will be over before it starts. Offering alternative means of payment such as mobile payments or e-wallets will also help speed things along.

3. Create a dedicated customer service email address that customers can use to contact you directly – this will ensure they get an immediate response and your store staff will be able to react quickly if there are any issues with their customer experience.

4. Don’t just focus on improving your in-store experience – think about how you can improve the customer journey from start to finish, whether that’s by offering more online options, paying extra attention to packaging so that orders arrive quickly or ensuring delivery drivers are well trained (and not overworked) so they always deliver a great experience for customers.

5. Offer plenty of incentives for customers who spend more than a certain amount on their initial visit – this can help encourage repeat business and ensure they feel like their money was well spent.

6. Don’t overlook customer service in other ways, such as through social media or online reviews – it’s still important to respond quickly and clearly if customers have queries about your products or services.

7. Consider offering a loyalty program that gives regular customers extra perks – think about whether this should be in-store only, at other retailers or online as well, and make sure staff are well trained in managing the benefits of such program at the POS.

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