Introducing AURES LAB

14 July 2020

Beyond the POS and KIOSK hardware solutions offered by the AURES Group, the Experts from the INNOVATION Division – AURES LAB – advise and support you in all your development projects and the implementation of new innovative technological solutions, on measure and turnkey.

Whatever your sector and any constraints you may have, the LAB helps you define and analyse your needs and deploy exclusive value-added multi-technology applications; our methodologies respect your existing processes, your economic objectives and take into account your possible requests in terms of Training and Change Management.

Here is a the most recent example to emerge from AURES LAB.

AURES & E-Thik : Interconnected POS and KIOSK RFID Solution

E-Thik, a French company specializing in vending machine and AURES Technologies, manufacturer of complete POS solutions (interactive kiosks, point of sale terminals and Mobile POS) are combining their talents and setting up a new type of partnership; the aim is to offer innovative and exclusive solutions, integrating their respective product developments.

Roland BROUTIN, Director of AURES’ INNOVATION Division, explains the objectives and challenges:

“The idea is to combine our know-how to offer food-service providers and bakers, for example, complete POS solutions integrating E-Thik’s expertise in vending hardware and AURES’ skills as a manufacturer of POS terminals, Mobile POS, professional tablets and interactive kiosks as well.

The added value of this project is the creation of specific tools allowing total and real time interactivity between all the connected systems at the point of sale, based on an exclusive RFID solution developed by AURES LAB, the INNOVATION Division of the AURES Group.

The new solution will enable all functions combining automatic distribution of fresh products (breads, drinks, snacks, sandwiches, deserts, etc), their refrigeration, with cash management and stock monitoring ; all this via the AURES POS terminals or interactive self-check-out kiosks. This combination allows all of the information to be processed in real time (cash and cards management, loyalty cards, luncheon vouchers management, contactless or not)”.

This is just one of the innovative partnerships to emerge from AURES LAB and shows the value of collaboration between two leaders in their fields. As a business it is important to innovate at pace, with our many partners, while generating a seamless customer experience or operational improvement for the end users.

Contact us to learn more about our AURES LAB and understand how we could help you with any innovative projects you have.

Dave DERBY, Business Development Director AURES UK
+44 7740 377065