At Your Service: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing EPOS for a Hospitality Business

18 April 2019

By Caitlin GUILFOYLE, Account Manager

There can be an overwhelming number of options when choosing the right EPOS system for your hospitality business. Some features may be critical to the daily operation, while others you could live without. Modern EPOS terminals do a lot more than just take payments, and finding the right hardware and software combination for your company can help to maximise efficiency.

Below are what we feel to be 5 of the most important factors to consider when selecting an EPOS solution for a hospitality business.


Cost will likely be a critical factor when choosing your EPOS system regardless of your business type. Luckily, current EPOS models are not prohibitively expensive even for a small business.

It’s also important to consider that although a new EPOS system does require an upfront capital investment, in the long term it will likely save you thousands of pounds that would be lost by running an outdated, inefficient old system.

However, it can be difficult to tell a great EPOS machine from an average one based on price alone. Look for easy to understand and straightforward pricing. Contracts are fine and can save money over time, but a mandatory contract can be a bad sign.

If you do decide to pay a monthly fee, ensure it includes full customer support and system updates. At some point during the life of your EPOS system, you will inevitably need to reach out for support, so 24/7 cover is a must-have to avoid losing potential sales and other issues due to system problems.


A new EPOS system should be intuitive and easy to navigate even for newer staff. Modern POS systems are built from decades of feedback and development, and have been optimised for ease of use. Training on newer systems should take mere minutes, as opposed to the hours required in the past. From the first day your new EPOS system is installed, it should be easy to understand and not overwhelming for staff.

A system that is easy to use will be more efficient at getting customers served quickly. From seating customers to splitting a bill, you want every part of the process to go as smoothly as possible. Modern EPOS terminals can even interface with iPads or other mobile devices, making transactions possible right at the customer’s table.


The hospitality environment can wreak havoc on electronic systems if they are not properly designed to handle it. Greasy fingers, spilt liquids, and other sticky substances can quickly turn your EPOS system into a mess. Especially consider systems that will be installed directly in a kitchen, as they will be exposed to high temperatures and steam on a regular basis. Look for a system specifically designed to handle the rigours of a restaurant or similar setting. There are plenty of models out there that are aesthetically pleasing but are still able to withstand a messy work environment.


Besides collecting payments, EPOS systems offer a broad range of other important benefits for managers and business owners. Look for a system that can handle inventory and employee management, as well as generate a wide variety of reports such as the top selling items at your location, and manage inventory to automatically reorder when stock gets low. An EPOS system also allows you to check sales and other values at any time, even remotely using your tablet or phone when you’re not on site.


You want to make sure that your staff are working with your EPOS system, not working around it.

Your system should be customised not only to the hospitality industry, but able to easily handle specifics of your individual business such as:

  • Cooking preferences
  • Table management
  • Split billing
  • Age restrictions on alcohol
  • Making menu changes on the fly
  • Implementing discounts
  • Online reservations or ordering

Scalability is a final important factor to consider with customization. Will your system be able to grow as your business expands? What changes would be required to add additional EPOS stations or tableside ordering as needed?

Find the Perfect EPOS System for Your Hospitality Business

AURES provides a wide selection of EPOS hardware, as well as displays, printers and other peripherals to have the sales end of your business processes operating at peak efficiency. We know that implementing a new EPOS system can be a daunting task, but we can help you find the right solution. Call or email us today to find the EPOS hardware most suited for your business today.