Green IT and Eco-Responsibility

27 March 2020

As the designer and manufacturer of POS, Mobile POS and Kiosk hardware, the AURES Group uses fully recyclable materials across its entire product range.

We ensure that the entire life cycle of all our products is in line with all the regulations in force (production process, choice of subcontractors and industrial partners, respect for the workforce, waste management, recycling policies, etc.) to comply with environmental responsibilities.  

AURES uses specialist service providers for the management and recycling of its electrical waste equipment and is committed to its customers to take back products at the end of their life cycle in order to recycle them responsibly.

We also ensure we use the latest generation of high-performance, upgradeable and durable systems and components in our hardware. This enables our customers to control their TCO (“total cost of ownership”) while strengthening our eco-responsibility.

Fanless systems
AURES was one of the first manufacturers to offer fanless POS systems that generate far less noise pollution and present greater resistance in difficult retail environments (dust, splashes, residues, etc.). These fanless processors consume less energy, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and improved durability.

Heat dissipation
This choice of entirely fanless processors was reflected in the heat dissipation design of the hardware: AURES redesigned all its chassis to allow the stored heat to dissipate to protect the motherboard and components. The custom-designed AURES chassis is made of cast aluminium, guaranteeing optimal heat distribution and dissipation, even after hours of continuous use.

SSD as standard
The replacement of all hard disks with SSDs (solid state drives) that operate without any moving mechanical parts also reduces energy costs. Offering more durable equipment (fewer breakdowns as no heat is generated, no moving parts to fail). AURES was one of the first manufacturers to offer SSDs instead of traditional hard disks on all its equipment.

Lower energy consumption and durability of AURES screens
LED touchscreens used on our systems use 40% less energy – on average – than previous generations of conventional LCDs. In addition, the 15-inch LED screens offered by AURES have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, which gives them exceptional longevity.

Scalability and durability of AURES equipment
Systems are designed to be upgradeable, compatible and flexible over time, which enables AURES to produce POS and kiosk solutions that can adapt and be adapted to changing requirements over a number of years.