Exclusive and innovating POS and KIOSK Hardware and Equipment


Exclusively designed and developed by AURES, the equipment and systems manufactured by the Group are the result of 30 years of experience and expertise in the POS and KIOSK IT sector.

The AURES concepts were born from an observation: the design, colours and ergonomics of the POS and KIOSK hardware solutions, which were neglected for too long, are key elements of the sales and marketing environment.

Functionalities and technologies – even the most advanced – are no longer enough; retailers want to be able to choose shapes, lines and sometimes customised equipment to best support their brand identity and the customer journey.


AURES’ strategy is to design and manufacture EPOS hardware that is remarkably different but which meets real market’s, customers’ and users’ requirements.  The first example of our ability to innovate through design was the launch of the Odyssé POS system in late 2005.

Since then, AURES’ creativity has been acknowledged by a number of Awards bodies, including IF Product Design Awards (late 2012), the Red Dot Awards 2013 (early 2013), together with an “Observeur du Design” label Award and a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Design Museum (2014).  All recognised the innovation that the Sango concept represented.  Their juries, international design leaders, praised the design aesthetics, lightness, and robustness of this new EPOS, which – exceptionally – frees up space under the touchscreen.


With the launch of Odyssé in 2005, the AURES Group established itself as the first EPOS manufacturer to provide a full palette of colours for its terminals, in order to match the store décor and the brand identity of its clients.  Since then, EPOS systems in multiple colour combinations have remained a key element of AURES product design and creativity.


An optimal blend of contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology lies at the heart of the AURES Group’s strategy. The product range offers the very best in POS, Mobile POS and KIOSK technologies, integrating the current generation of powerful motherboards and processors.

Utilising the USB type C port technology allows a significant reduction in cables by enabling a single cable to drive power, USB and video data. Optimizing cable management, aesthetics and ease of access for maintenance.

Adopting the PCAP technology, multitouch applications and LED backlighting the AURES unit is enhanced with its latest ultra-flat edgeless look.

NFC, contactless multi-technology readers and 1D & 2D barcode scanners are available and can be integrated into all AURES equipment, improving ergonomics, modularity, ease of use along with point-of-sale efficiency. Receipt printers are available with multiple interfaces as standard and has a WI-FI and Bluetooth option, to support the growing demand for wireless and mobile technologies at the POS.

Moving to SSD as standard means that the AURES systems become even more reliable.

AURES fanless solutions reduces noise and provides a guarantee of lower energy consumption in line with the evermore stringent environmental standards

Innovation Division

In addition to the AURES equipment offer, the INNOVATION Division proposes consulting and tailor-made solutions (related to hardware, software and services) allowing the development of innovative applications based on RFID (self-service management, Click & Collect, in-out geolocation, table ordering, etc).

Other Retail areas are also covered by the Division’s offer, such as the management of multiple means of payment, the management and analysis of hot and cold areas in stores, of the customer journey, of customer flows through the POS, etc.

Green IT and Eco-Credentials

As a Designer and manufacturer of POS, mobile POS and KIOSK hardware equipment, the AURES Group is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities.
The entire life cycle of AURES products has been designed to reduce the environmental footprint and comply with current global legislation (waste management, recycling, etc).

AURES fanless systems (processors without ventilation) eliminate noise pollution and allow increased resistance and performance, while providing a guarantee of lower energy consumption, in line with increasingly stringent environmental standards (Green IT).

AURES has also anticipated the new European regulations coming into force in January 2020 by offering thermal paper (for printers) without any Bisphenol A (BPA) from 2019.

The implementation of various AURES solutions integrating RFID – a technology that contributes to the development of the “blockchain” concept – will make it possible to strengthen the traceability of commercial products (shelf life, expiry dates (DLC)) and will thus contribute to strengthening the Group’s eco-responsible positioning.